Going to Alicante, Spain for your holidays is one of the best choices that you will ever make when it comes to vacation destinations.

The city of Alicante is situated right at the center of the beautiful Costa Blanca, a place where the country's culture co-exists with the city's vibrant night life. More than this astounding feature, Alicante prides in its gorgeous beaches. It also has its own airport, making it more convenient and enticing for you to visit the place. But are all of these factors good reasons to pursue with your Alicante traveling plans?

Let us take a look at what Alicante has to offer to help you make a decision on whether to book your flights to Alicante or pick another location for your vacation.

• The Weather. A trip to Alicante means exposure to the warm weather at almost any time of the year. Temperatures can be as hot as 30 ° C and can be as cold as 12 ° C. The cold season usually takes place only in December. The rest of the year would be hot and warm indicating an ideal time to get tanned whether on the stunning white beaches or by the pools in hotels.

• The Attractions. Alicante boasts in its ancient architecture featuring the medieval Santa Maria church which is inspired by Michelangelo's lettering. Take a ride using one of the streetcars as you drive through the palm-strewn streets of the city. Some other interesting attractions include safari parks highlighted with exotic wildlife, prehistoric caves located around the borders, and plenty of museums, known to be among the finest in Spain.

• The Landscape. The white sands of Alicante are adjoined by a strikingly beautiful harbor, giving way to a pleasant stroll in the afternoon. The yachts as well as the ships are perfect scenes to view as they depart into the horizon. As the sun sets, you would not want to miss the spectacular view of cliff-top castle of the city, the Castillo de Santa Barbara.

• The Culture. If you want to experience the culture of this famous vacation destination, book your Alicante flights during the summer months. The summer season brings out its most lively celebrations. This entails a vacation that you will have great memories to take back home.

Visiting this city in Spain is desirably attainable due to the availability of cheap flights to Alicante. With these affordable deals and the inviting appeal of the place, there is no reason for you not to avail of such great offers.


Source by Stephen Waller