We really think that with the rising charges we see in the airlines, the passenger must look into direct booking of air tickets. This means you do not go through a travel agent and book directly with the airlines which we really think pays off a lot more. Let us look at three reasons

Why we think booking directly is more beneficial to you.

1. Search and book immediately – Easy convenient steps. No searching hassles with iXiGO around and all the airlines offer easy 1 or 2 step booking processes. Whereas, on the other hand you would have to book through an agent or OTA, pay a commission, get them to verify tickets for you, then book those tickets and then get you confirmation. Seems a bit too complicated right?

2. No hassles in checking commissions, no responsibilities in fact! – With rising prices and air fuel charges surging through the roof a difference of Rs 500 to Rs 1000 is important. Why pay extra when you can handle your own bookings and gain complete control over your bookings? We know how painful it is to bargain and compare rates and check over 5-6 different sites to see which one offers you the least payment for that particular route. Some of the costs are even hidden and we are quite wise enough now to know that you wont get any of those Rs 99 / – fares anymore. Just search, choose, click and pay. Then fly.

3. Almost no lead time in cancellation – Suppose you decided to cancel your booking. The trouble starts not with you only having to decide where to book next but in the amount of time that will pass by before you get your money back. You first have to spend 4-5 days with the booking agent to get the cash back between the 5-6 days it would take the airlines to cancel your booking anyway (through these people). Easier cancellation if booked directly is just calling the call center, paying the cancellation charges and getting the refund back on your ticket. Now you pay double commission (some agents avoid it but most do not) and then wait 2 – 3 weeks before you see your money back.

What do you think? Have you any experiences that are not in tune with this? Do you agree? Let us know!


Source by Apoorva H