With dazzling ocean views, snow-capped peaks, multicultural environment and delicious food, Vancouver is one of the best vacationing cities in Canada. Known for being one of the liveliest and most tourististic cities, Vancouver also offers cheap flights to other destinations.

The following airlines present the cheapest rates to various parts of the world from Vancouver:


Ryanair always tries its best to beat the competition by the margin by giving the lowest airfares as possible. Ryanair not only provides you with the cheapest airframes but also gives you information regarding your stay at the desired area. They offer packages that include cost of hotel payment and flight fare as well. Ryanair is the third-largest airline in Europe regarding the passenger number and the world's largest airline in terms of the international passenger numbers it has. With this figure, it promises to have the best low-cost flight available that offers cheap flights from Vancouver.


BMI has pride in the fact that they are the second largest airlines in London; BMI offers cheap flights from Vancouver as well from other destinations worldwide. Classified with sections such as Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy available

Air Berlin

Winning the title of the "Top Low-Cost Airline" for the year 2009 by the Wanderlust magazine, this is the second time that Air Berlin has bagged this award. Promising quality and high standards that come with low costs, these airlines have taken home the "Airline of the Year award" as per votes by the largest travel magazine of Switzerland. They facilitate in Vancouver as well, giving the Canadians a chance to experience the fine privileges they offer.

Air Canada

Air Canada is among the most well-known and established airlines of Canada. Getting rewards for their superior in work, they constantly go on to improve themselves. With its headquarters based in Montreal, it has hubs in Toronto and Vancouver as well. Offering cheap rates to fly out of Vancouver and other branches, the airline has almost 24.700 employees to see that come up to their customer's expectations all the while keeping up their good reputation. The have services for the Executive Class and Economy class but their aim is one: To give maximum comfort for any type of flight, let it be a long one or a short one.

WestJet Airways

Another Canadian based Airline; these airways are the best airways who guarantee safety as well. Being the second-best low-cost airline in North America, WestJet airways are a low cost airline service that typically offers low fares in exchange for cutting down on traditionally offered passenger services, without having to compromise on the security of the travelers.

Therefore, if you are thinking of vacationing somewhere at a very cheap rate, above stated airlines are reputed to be the best for traveling.


Source by Ethan Brenin