Understanding Five Marijuana Recipes

After the legalization of marijuana, people started using it in various ways. One of the ways in which you can use marijuana is in preparing meals. Therefore, you do not have to buy edibles from your local dispensaries since you can prepare your own meals. It is worth noting that marijuana recipes can be made at home and they do not require many ingredients. People who used to smoke marijuana can now save the money they used to spend on such as they will only buy marijuana to use for making meals. Now let’s take a look at the different marijuana recipes.

The first meal you need to know about is cannabutter. The reason, why you need to first learn about preparing cannabutter, is that it is the base for making other recipes. For this reason, you need to be keen when learning about making cannabutter.

Since cannabutter contains marijuana you will need marijuana and any butter of your choice. Now let’s take a look at how you can make cannabutter. If you want to prepare cannabutter, you will need to melt your butter on the stove in a saucepan. You can add water to your butter to prevent it from burning. The next step involves grounding up your decarboxylated weed and add it to the butter. After mixing the two, you need to simmer for say two or three hours. Now that you have simmered the mixture, you will have to strain the butter into a mason jar using a cheesecloth. The last steps involves keeping the butter in a refrigerator. When you observe these steps, you will have your cannabutter.

In addition to making cannabutter, you need to know how to make marijuana ice cream. When making marijuana ice cream, you will need cannabutter, heavy cream, sugar, and chocolate chips, fruits and nuts. Making marijuana ice cream is easy, all you need to do is to place your saucepan on the stove while keeping the temperature medium. This is followed by melting 160z of heavy cream in the pan. The cannabutter needs to be melted and sugar added to it. The molten cream and cannabutter needs to be mixed together If you want to have a cold marijuana ice cream, you can place the final product in a freezer.

Now let’s take a look at how to make cannabis muffins. When preparing muffins, you need to be ready to bake, however, they come with many marijuana benefits. The following are the ingredient you will need, these include one cup flour, a quarter melted cannabutter and a half cup cooked corn, two cups of plain yogurt, a half-cup raw quinoa, one cup quinoa flour, one egg, one teaspoon baking soda, a quarter teaspoon salt and one teaspoon vanilla extract.

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