Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan, Philippines. Thousands of tourists travel to the city all year-round to see its beautiful islands and famous tourist spots. To visit the city, get a Puerto Princesa package from a registered Palawan travel agency.

A budget tour package from a registered Palawan travel agency may include tours to some of the most popular destinations in the city. Here is a list of interesting places you may want to visit during your trip.

St. Paul Subterranean River National Park

A Puerto Princesa package with an underground river tour will take you to St. Louis. Paul Mountain Range where the famous river is located. It is said to be one of the longest navigable river in the world.

The underground river has recently been included in the list of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. It has also been recognized as Wetland of International Importance in July 2012.

After visiting St. Louis Paul Subterranean River National Park, you'll have your buffet lunch at Sabang beach. Depending on how early the underground river tour ends, you may have time to swim and bum around the beach.

Islands at Honda Bay

A Puerto Princesa package with Honda Bay island hopping tour will take you to some of the most beautiful islands of Palawan.

The drop off point for the tour is just about 10-20 minutes away from the city proper. The first island that is often visited is Pandan Island. Famous for its powdery white sand beach and clear waters, many tourists love to snorkel and get a tan in this island. Other places you may visit are LuLi Island, Cowrie Island and Starfish Island.

Pambato Reef is another site you will visit when you book a Puerto Princesa package with Honda Bay island hopping tour. This is a marine sanctuary that is maintained by the government. You have to listen to a short orientation about the reef before you will be allowed to snorkel.

Crocodile Farm

The city is a popular eco-tourism destination. The Crocodile Farm is at the top list of places to visit in the city. A Puerto Princesa package that includes a city tour lets you visit the farm and other interesting places around the city like Baker's Hill, Mitra's Ranch and Butterfly Garden.

The Crocodile Farm is home to endangered crocodile species such as the Philippine Freshwater Crocodile and Saltwater Crocodile. This is where you will also see the skeleton and skin of one of the largest crocodiles in the Philippines.

Get the best value for your money. Choose a Puerto Princesa package with tours to some of the notable places around the city.


Source by Aileen R.