So, you’re finally turning 18? Congratulations! You’re almost ready to celebrate in style as a true adult. If you’re reading this you’re probably still asking yourself one thing: WHERE ARE ALL THE REALLY GOOD 18TH BIRTHDAY IDEAS!

I hear your frustration but there is hope. As you continue reading you’re going to discover some of the most popular 18th birthday ideas on the planet so you celebrate your 18th in true style.

18th Idea 1: Hit The Club in Style: Probably the most popular and proven fun thing to do on your 18th is to go to a club. Dancing the night away with your closest friends to some really good music is a sure win for any teen on their 18th. It will provide you with some good times and memories to look back on for years to come. Some think you need to be 21 in order to go clubbing but it isn’t true. There are so many clubs for 18 year olds, you just gotta know where they are.

18th Idea 2: Get a Tattoo or Piercing: Want a really neat way to show the world you’re newfound adult hood? Get a tattoo or piercing! It’s unique, classy and quite trendy. Remember to research your tattooist properly and don’t find the cheapest one around. From the US? Then you’re legal to go ahead without parental consent however it’s always a really good idea to talk it over with them first.

18th Idea 3: Amusement Parks: Hit the amusement parks and ride the scariest roller-coasters. Feel the adrenaline rush as you take to the skies with your closest buddies. It’s definitely a day packed with so much fun that you wont want to leave. If you can, take a weekend break and go to Orlando in Florida. It’s known for its outrageous roller-coaster theme parks and always hot so you can even catch up on a tan.

18th Idea 4: Indoor Skydiving: If the thought of jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet scares you then there is a second option- INDOOR SKYDIVING! Now if you’ve never been then you can be pretty sure that this is an experience you will never forget. It’s just like the real thing only a lot safer and a lot cheaper.

18th Idea 5: Relaxing Spa & Makeover: If you’d rather chill out on your 18th then there’s probably nothing better treating yourself to a relaxing spa & makeover. Wind down put up your feet and just ‘chillax’. You’ll finish feeling brand new, fabulous and ready for the night ahead.

18th Idea 6: Take a Road Trip: Feeling a little spontaneous? Then gas up the car, grab a bunch of your friends and see where the road takes you. It’s may not be the usual typical ideas for 18th birthday but It’s fun because you usually have no real idea what you’ll discover along the way but one things for sure and that is your sure to have as much fun as possible. The great thing about it is no two road trips are ever the same so it’s a completely different experience.

18th Idea 7: Eat out at your favourite Restaurant: This is always a favourite especially if you like your food. It’s a perfect way to spend time with your friends and family and also to share and reflect on those good and even bad times so you look ahead with a positive outlook on life.

Now the thing to remember here is your 18th birthday is a once in a lifetime event and you should really try your best to make it unforgettable, with any budget. I found out the hard way and would hate for you to suffer the same drag that I went through.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate experience then I would urge you to take a look at this online resource that shares with you OVER 100 18th BIRTHDAY IDEAS! It also goes into detail about exactly what you should and shouldn’t do for your 18th birthday, why you always need a plan B and even how to get into clubs for FREE!


Source by Kristen F Thompson