Herbal Libido – Best Natural Aphrodisiacs For Male Sex Drive


Herbal libido helps to increase sex drive in both men and women if taken properly and for the right reasons.

Many people who have a low libido start with libido increasing plants and supplements before then using other natural methods to improve sexual health.

After some time, you may not even need to take herbal libido pills anymore. This means your body is most likely producing hormones naturally again.

Which herbs work the best for libido?

Herbal supplements for men

Herbal libido supplements for men can come in various forms.

Male sex drive depends on hormone levels (especially free testosterone), good circulation, general health and fitness.

The following herbs and supplements address all these problems in different ways.

The ideal way to take herbal libido to address low sex drive is to take several different kinds of supplement and to vary them day by day. For example, using 2 or 3 different herbs to stimulate libido on different days is common practice and works well.

To maximize results men can also take detox herbs.

1. Tongkat Ali

This is as potent as it gets for increasing testosterone and reducing the effects the estrogen has on limiting testosterone levels (men have estrogen in their bodies too).
This plant has long been known for its male libido enhancement and aphrodisiac properties.

Tongkat Ali has also been used extensively in bodybuilding, especially since the British Journal of Sports Medicine reported the muscle gain in males in weight-training to be higher in the group using it.

This is due to the effect this product has on boosting free testosterone in your body.

The effect on your sex drive should be very positive with this supplement.

2. Ginseng

This ancient plant is mainly used by men but is actually a libido enhancer for both male and females.
Known to give strong erections that can stay hard for relatively long periods, Ginseng also boosts general energy levels and can even improve fertility levels.

One of the reasons for its ability to induce severe erections in men is the fact that it improves blood circulation and can reduce stress. Ginseng can do both!

Ginseng is often concentrated into supplements to maximize its potency and strength.

Ginseng tea should have a similar effect to the supplements.

3. Horny Goat Weed

Well known to much of the world, this herbal libido has entirely different properties from both Ginseng and Tongkat Ali.
How does it work?

Horny Goat Weed <increments circulation around the penile area which stimulates erections and aids muscle relaxation in this area.

As poor circulation can be a cause of low sex drive, an improved blood flow in the penile area strengthens erections and enhanced sexual experience.

As its properties are different, Horny Goat Weed is often used together with other supplements or on different days to other supplements.

4. L-Arginine

An alternative to horny goat weed is L-Arginine which has similar properties to horny goat weed in that it can increase nitric oxide to stimulate blood flow and relax muscles for improved erections.

For some people who have allergic reactions to horny goat weed, L-Arginine could be a great alternative.

Herbal libido is very useful for men suffering from low sexual energy levels, weak sex drive and a lack of desire.

Knowing which aphrodisiacs will work best for you can be very beneficial to your well-being.


Source by Frank R Jemson

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The Best Anti Aging Face Cream


With so many products to choose from today, it's hard to decide what the best anti aging face cream is. There's no correct answer of course: everyone's face is different and one product will not suit everyone. Good products, however, will have certain features in common.

When you are searching for the best consumer anti aging face care, look for products that protect your skin from the sun: we know that sunlight does damage to skin and causes wrinkles and other signs of aging. Your face is consistently exposed to more sunlight than any other part of your body, and this is because some moisturizing facial creams now contain sun protection ingredients. Applying one of these products to your face daily, before applying makeup, will give you daily protection. While the best anti aging cream should include sun protection, if you choose one that does not consider adding a skin lotion with a sun protection factor (SPF) rating of at least 15 to your daily skin care routine.

Other than sun protection, the best anti aging face cream will be what is sometimes called a "cosmeceutical," a cosmetic product that does more than just make your skin look younger – it actually induces healing or other changes in the skin cells. Active ingredients include vitamins, especially vitamins A, C, D, and E; minerals, especially selenium and zinc; lycopene (found in tomatoes and other fruit) and other antioxidants; herbal extracts; and compounds that lighten skin tone. Many of the best consumer anti aging face care brands include some or all of these things.

The product that will be the best anti aging face cream for you will depend on your specific needs. If you are noticing the effects of aging too much yet, they are taking a preventive approach, you will probably select a different product from the person who has specific issues to address. Read labels and instructions to determine what products are supposedly to do, and if you still unsure which is the best consumer anti aging face care product for you, consult a skin care professional for advice. Although this may cost a bit, it will probably save you money in the long term by narrowing your possible choices to a few quality products.


Source by R. Drysdale

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Visit New York On The Cheap


Getting Around New York City on the Cheap:

New York City has a wonderful public transportation system. Unlike other cities, the subway system runs all night and is not divided into zones- a $ 2.00 ticket could take you up the street or to any of the other boroughs. A cheap way to ride the subway is with a day or week Metrocard. A day pass will cost you $ 7 or $ 24 for a week pass, and gets you unlimited subway and local bus use (but not express buses). The best place to buy your Metrocard is from the computerized kiosks located in most stations. These kiosks allow you to pay with debit or credit card as well as cash.

You can also use your Metrocard on Manhattan buses and although they are not always the quickest way around, they can give you a great view of the city. Catch the M1,2,3 or 4 bus at 106th Street and 5th Avenue on the Upper Eastside and travel downtown along Central Park. Along 5th Avenue you will get great views of the park and some of the nicest apartment buildings in the city.

~ New York City Cheap Sleeps:

When planning your trip to New York the choice of hostels can be overwhelming. All the recommended hostels are great and have something different to offer. Consider what is important to you and choose one that fits your style the best. We like these in particular:

* Wanderers Inn East – Located on Manhattans Upper Eastside, this is a great place to lay your head while you're in the city. This hostel is located in a converted townhouse in a safe neighborhood that gives the traveler the feeling of being a real New Yorker. The hostel offers both dorm style rooms as well as private rooms. Dorm rooms are from $ 26 and private rooms from $ 75. The self service free breakfast here is also a great amenity.

* Chelsea International Hostel – This hostel is located on a quite street near all the downtown action. Although there is no free breakfast offered, there is a kitchen area and free pizza on Wednesday
nights. There is also a nice courtyard to socialize and meet other travelers. Dorm style rooms without bathrooms go for $ 28 a night while dorm rooms with a bathroom go for $ 32. Private rooms are available for $ 70 a night.

~ Free Things to Do in New York City:

* Staten Island Ferry – To get a great view of the Statue of Liberty, take the Staten Island Ferry from
lower tip of Manhattan to Staten Island. To get the best view go on to one of the ferry's outer decks. The ferry is free and you will have the opportunity to interact with some real New Yorkers. Take the subway to South Ferry or Whitehall Street for the easiest access to the ferry.

* Central Park – Central Park is an intense oasis in the middle of Manhattan. It is a relaxing
break from the city to take a walk through the different areas of the park. There are many paths to explore with scenic views of the luxury apartment buildings bordering the park.

* Coney Island – This famous and historic board walk located in Brooklyn is a fun visit during the
summer months. Check out some of the famous side shows, old rides, original Nathan's hot dogs, and Totonno's Pizzeria.

Happy Travels!


Source by Kadie Kozee

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Single Trip Holiday Insurance – Valid and Invalid Trip Cancellations


One of the most common reasons people take out single trip holiday insurance is to cover their expenses should an unforeseeable event prevent them from going. This can refund money money on airline tickets, hotel reservations, tour expenses and other prescheduled events.

The problem, however, is determining if your reason for cancelling a trip is valid or not. Here are a few points to help you better understand your position:

Mature versus Premature

One of the first things you need to do once you've booked a trip is to obtain appropriate cover as soon as you can. Many travelers choose to pick it up at the last possible minute, but this is not recommended because you never know when you may have to cancel arrangements. If you obtain cover the moment you finish making all your reservations, you will not need to worry about your coverage being denied reimbursement because it was premature. It also shows that you are seeking coverage in good faith and are not planning to cancel without something of great importance coming up.

Unforeseen versus Foreseeable Events

One of the first real factors that will determine the validity of your trip cancellation is wherever your reason could have been anticipated or not. For example, being called for jury duty is a commitment that a citizen can not expect and prepare for. This is a valid reason because it is a legitimate and unforeseeable event. Other valid reasons include injury, illness, disasters and being a victim of a crime. If a contractual obligation forces you to get back to work, however, then your claim for reimbursements would be invalidated, as the nature of your work is something that you should have foreseen earlier on. If you could have planned and prepared for the event that would cancel your trip, then your single trip holiday insurance will not cover your expenses.

Out-of-Control versus Self-Infected Events

Another important factor for validating cancellation reimbursements is wherever you have played an active role in it or not. Simply changing your mind about the trip for no reason at all is invalid, because your predisposition about the trip is fully within your control. Illness and injury are two solid examples of valid reasons, however they would only be considered valid if you did not inflation these up yourself. If you engage in dangerous sport or expose yourself to a harmful environment, chances are your single trip holiday insurance provider will not pay out.

Close versus Distant Relations

Providers often include a clause that will cover cancellations when a close relative falls seriously ill or figures into an accident. This is only valid for close relatives – typically spouses and those in the first level of consanguinity. This includes parents, siblings or children. The illness or injury of other, more distant relatives will often not be covered. This means that you will not be reimbursed should your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents or half-siblings figure into a medical situation.

Oh, and one last thing – always, always document the reasons for cancelling your trip. Single trip holiday insurance will only reimburse your valid claims if you have the documents to prove those claims; so make sure to keep reports, prescriptions and other relevant papers on hand.


Source by Patrick Chong

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Choosing Your Perfect Travel Accessories Bag


Sometimes looking for the right bag can be very difficult especially if you are a frequent flyer or a road warrior who needs to have a dependable bag from time to time. Travel accessories bag can be quite expensive. That is why before buying see to it that the luggage bag of your choice will be worth your every penny.

• Consider the size – how often do you travel and how many items do you want to store in your luggage? If you always travel in far places, it is important that you have a big bag to accommodate all of your belongings. The bigger the bag is the better. On the other hand, do not opt for a very spacious bag if you think you would be returning home after a couple of days. It is not very convenient and at the same time you would not enjoy a vacation where you have to pull a huge bag the whole time.

• What is your agenda for your travel? – if you are in for a business trip, a small and smart luggage bag would be good as long as all your things can fit. However, if you feel like going to shop for a lot of souvenir items or haggle as much as you can during your vacation, then go for a bigger one instead.

• It must have pockets – you do not want to dive inside your bag just to search for your passport or other small travel must-haves, won’t you? Your travel accessories bag should always have pockets at the outer part and have enough slots to accommodate your other small belongings as well.

• Wheels or no wheels? – Trolley bags are now available in different sizes. Whether you want a big or a small bag to hold your things, you may now get a design that has wheels to help you travel conveniently. But if you think that you will always be in a hurry, a backpack would work best for you.


Source by Dennis Moore Hopkins

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If You Know Your Travel – Know Your Tourism


Stringent airport security rules, influx of finally fit baby boomers who have just retired, changing security needs, and the constant growth of niche travel are some of the trends witnessed in the travel and tourism industry in 2007. The tourism industry in the United States is booming like never before due to better infrastructure, increasing flight availability, and low airfares. Some of the predominant trends in the word of tourism have been listed below:

Financially strong baby boomers: Baby boomers, who haveiled through the years and have recently retired, are using this time to explore new travel destinations. Even those who may continue to be a part of the labor force even after retirement will occasionally travel to different places to take some time off their busy busy schedules and relax.

Baby boomers are specifically flocking to spas and prominent health resorts to enjoy a quiet and rejuvenating spa vacation. Number of chain hotels these days offer spa-like amenities coupled with interesting health programs like detoxification wraps, aromatherapy, salt baths and so on to lure this segment of travelers.

Cruises: A growing number of affluent travelers these days prefer to stay on the cruise to enjoy a long holiday loaded with fun and excitement. The cruise industry is currently involved in providing cruising opportunities to middle income groups as well through competitive holiday packages to nearby destinations.

For the boomer populations, cruising is synonymous with safety, affordability, entertainment, and adventure. Royal Caribbean cruises seem to be a major attraction for this group of travelers due to strategically and conveniently located homeports offered on the Caribbean itinerary. Cruising is also preferred by younger generations, honeymoon couples, and families to break free from busy schedules and enjoy a relaxing holiday on board.

Green Travel is in: Since the year 2007 is expected to be the warmest year, green travel is going to be in great demand. Travelers will be on the lookout for hotels and airlines with "green" ratings. Hybrid car rentals and eco-friendly destinations will there before be important components of the green travel plan.

Connoisseur Travel in great demand: In recent years, Americans are specifically drawn to Connoisseur travel, the most obvious example being growing popularity of wine tours in the past decade. Instead of exploring secluded beaches, connoisseur travelers prefer to spend their time gathering information about their area of ​​interest may it be wine, antiques, jewelry, architecture, or historical artifacts.

As the tourism industry grows, travelers can expect better package deals, and lower airfares.

Online check-in is becoming very competitive and better luggage courier services are being offered. However, the security standards will continue to remain an issue in this year and you may also expect changes in the passport requirements.


Source by Will Moore

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Off the Shelf or Custom Software Solutions – Which One Is for Your Business?


Business organizations often look for solutions that can help them to reduce their expenses. And for this, they hire software development companies that offer two types of software that suits their IT requirements. The first one is off the shelf software that is a ready-made application available and can be bought directly and used by the organization. The other one is the application that the software company builds as per the specific needs of the organization. Both the solutions are different in terms of development and manufacturing.

What are customized software solutions?

Now the point is, during the period when business organizations make efforts to gain a firm foothold in the competitive market, any stereotypical product offering same age old functionalities may restrict their growth chances. It is for this reason that hiring a customized software development company is the most excellent choice at the moment. The prime goal of such companies is to create a precise end product that can meet the demands of the customers. Suck bespoke solutions are created only after clear understanding of the preferences and requisites of the client.

Customized packages are usually built by using the most recent technology. The software is developed in steps and any disliking or difficulty of the customer is taken into consideration and is rectified during the formulation of the application and this is the most important advantage of developing such customized applications.

Tailor made products often demand strict inspection and analysis till the final product is developed. Off the shelf products may lower the levels of expenses than the custom software, but the latter is always a better choice as it is beneficial in the long run.

Some major differences between customized software and off the shelf solution:

Cost of the software: The most prominent difference between the two solutions is the price of the application. Off the shelf software is usually cheaper than customized solutions because ready-made software is a mass production and their cost is distributed among several buyers, but custom solutions are developed for specific clients to fulfill their unique needs. So, the entire cost of development has to be borne by the buyer.

Development methodology and usage: Off the shelf solutions are usually made for general purposes and they target one segment of the business, but are unable to fulfill any particular requirements of the organization. The client often needs to hire custom software development company in India to make essential adjustments in the software and to implement it. Since the solution is developed around the exact requirements, it is completely suitable and compatible with the processes of the organization. Employees who have to use this software also get accustomed to the system within few days. This is another reason that attracts organizations to develop customized solutions.

Software updates: One of the major problems with off the shelf software is that it becomes very difficult to update the solution as the technology changes. To make any changes in the software, the organization has to hire a company and pay for the updates. Furthermore, there may not be updates or releases for long periods and this makes the software obsolete and old. Such obsolete software often harms the organization and this in turn affects their business revenues. On the other hand customized solutions can be updated whenever the client wishes to make the changes. It can be decided according to the client’s requirements and also their budget.

Ready-made software have some advantages like quick implementation, tested solutions and even money back offers and guarantees in case the software does not solve the purpose. Some risk is always associated with custom software like unreliable solutions, not thoroughly tested and complexities. But these issues can easily be solved by hiring any reputed software development company offering customized solutions. Choosing the right parent often helps to avoid risky situations.


Source by Prince N

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Famous Sites in Sweden


Sweden is probably commonly used as the country from the midnight sun, the birthplace of ABBA, the Volvo and also the Saab, and one or more of the world's most peaceful nations (it has not engaged in war in 200 years). With this sort of a reputation, Sweden is difficult to beat as a traveller magnet.

The capital city, Stockholm, is with out a doubt one or more of the world's finest and most beautiful. Tourists flock towards town for its shops, nightclubs, waterways, museums and parks. It can be interesting to note that whilst Stockholm is definitely modern and first-world, among its attractions is an old town with medieval, cobblestone streets. This is Gamla Stan, a charming, labyrinthine complex of souvenir stores and ice-cream parlors that are every single visitor's delight.

A different must-see in Stockholm is Skansen, an outdoor museum charmingly situated upon a hilltop. Initial opened in 1891, it now has on display 150 conventional conventional homes that reflect Swedish living in previous generations. These houses have inmates appropriately attired in period costumes, making for a spectacular scene severely discovered elsewhere internationally.

Stockholm, as is all of Sweden in the main, is ideal for outdoor activities. The most common spare time activities are skiing, canoeing, hiking and cycling. Berry picking, when the season permits, is much less acknowledged but also counts as another favorite activity. Although cycling or hiking, a single may pass across fields of stone graves or possibly even trod more than an historic king's burial mound. These are evidence of Sweden's more warlike past, when Vikings pillaged whole villages a incredibly far cry from the present peaceful and neutral stance adopted by the region.

The optimum time to travel to Sweden is some June to September, when the weather conditions are at its finest. It is significant to note that daylight varies very throughout Sweden. In Stockholm in December, the sun generally sets as soon as 3 pm.

Swedish is the national language, but almost all Swedes speak good English. Several Swedes are thoughts to be heavy coffee drinkers who in addition have a fondness for vodka. The world-famous Absolut Vodka originates in Sweden.

On the downside, the cost of everyday living in Sweden is rather high. Even so, cheaper choices are available if 1 looks for them.


Source by Joyce Arias

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Talk to A Cruise Travel Agent to Plan A Family Cruise Vacation


A family cruise vacation is a great way to get away and spend time with your children. Almost of the cruise lines offer packages that cater to families. Surf the web for the right family cruise vacation that will cater to all of your needs. Better yet, talk to a cruise travel agent. Make sure they are a member of CLIA (the industries organization) and have taken many cruise vacations on several cruise lines. The cruise travel agent will be able to steer you to the cruise lines that have children's programs that are age specific, have trained youth counselors and will fulfill your desires on your family cruise vacation.

The great thing about these programs on the cruise lines is that your children will be with qualified people all day, doing all sorts of activities and you are free to do your own thing with no worries.

A family cruise vacation takes you to many destinations without the rigors of packing and unpacking. A cruise vacation will also alleviate the stress of airport security. You may have to fly to your port of embarkation but after that there will be no more checking in and long security lines.

The cruise ship will take you to many ports where you get off the ship and enjoy your day on shore. Before you leave on your family cruise vacation research the ports you will be visiting. Plan what you want to do in each port ahead of time. Since it is a family cruise vacation, discuss this with all your family members. You can find out what the cruise lines offer in the way of tours on their website. In many cases the cruise lines let you book tours online or by fax.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the perfect family cruise vacation.

First find out if they allow kids in your children's age group. Cruise lines may limit the amount of children in certain age groups. This applies especially at times like Easter or spring break

Do some digging to find out what kind of children's facility the cruise line has. You will want to check what the activities will be, are there play areas, and baby sitting available. Find out the rules for placing your children in the child care center. Most times you must sign your child into the play areas and the kids will not be allowed to leave until you sign them out.

It is important to know the ratio of counselors to children. You want to know that there are adequate supervisors for your kids. Know the qualifications of the care giver. For instance, on the Queen Mary II they have licensed nannies.

If you will need a cot or crib find out if they are available and if there is a fee. Sometimes these need to be reserved in advance of the family cruise vacation. The size of the cabin should be noted. If the cabin is too small, you will be cramped. If you are not taking toddlers it is best to book cabins across from each other. You and your spouse take the outside cabin and give the one across the hall from it to your children. This not only affords you privacy but the kids will feel "grow up" with their own cabin.

Check to see if they have a kids menu. A lot of kids do not eat a variety of foods. If they are particularly picky it is nice to know that the cruise lines offer food for kids, like hamburgers and hot dogs. Almost all cruise lines offer hamburgers and hot dogs at lunch around the pool but what about dinner? Find out in advance of your family cruise vacation so you know everyone will be happy.

If anyone in your family has special needs make sure your cruise travel agent requests the ship if they will provide for them. There may be two or three formal nights. If you do not feel comfortable participating in them with little children, find out what kind of alternative dining the cruise line offers. Many ships have alterative dining rooms for just this purpose. Some of the cruise lines have kid's dinners where only the children and the caregivers can attend. If this coincides with a formal night it would be nice to know.

Some of the children's activity that are offered on cruise lines are scavenger hunts, pizza parties, disco parties for teens, arts and crafts and pool parties. The cruise line will bend over backwards to keep your children entertained. They want you to come back.

So call your cruise travel agent and start planning the perfect family cruise vacation. It will be one vacation that you and your kids will not forget.

Happy Cruising!

Copyright © Mary Hanna, All Rights Reserved.

This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as this article article, copyright notice, links and the resource box are unchanged.


Source by Mary Hanna

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Some Examples of Personalised Corporate Gifts


Giving gifts is known to be a meaningful, unique and socially respectable practice in all cultures across time. Giving or exchanging gifts are vastly appreciated globally, as it helps individuals to deliver specific messages that represent different intentions as well as emotions to an intended party.

Giving personalised corporate gifts is one good way to show appreciation to employees, at the occasion of weddings, birth of a new baby, promotion and so forth. This practice will not only encourage warmth, affection and loyalty in the working environment of an organisational team, but is also known to be ethical. Personalised gifts are also employed in efforts of honouring exceptional clients/employees from time to time.

Personalised item is one of the best ways to depict appreciation as well as to allow recipients to realise that you are contingent to them in businesses. No doubt, through a simple act of giving gifts is capable of strengthening an organisational team’s bonds and ties. There are indeed many kinds of customised gifts in the market today. Therefore, do not limit your imagination when purchasing a personalised corporate gift for that intended someone.

When choosing a personalised corporate gift, do take extra effort to ensure that the usefulness, uniqueness, presentation and the need of that particular gift to the intended recipient is prioritize. As the amount of thoughts invested in giving an appropriate personalised corporate gift does portray the sincerity of your giving to the recipient.

Similarly, when giving customised gifts to customers or employees, always decide to purchase quality gifts, as it will help leave a positive, lasting impression about you to the intended recipient. With an excellent practice of giving good gifts, you will be able to establish good rapport between your organisation and client, as your act is the representation of the friendliness of your company.

Giving gifts with logo or your company name imprinted on the customised gifts is also beneficial in advertising your company. However, again, the appropriateness of the intended corporate gift should be emphasised before giving to the intended recipients.

Hence, if you are looking for personalised corporate gifts, for your employees, customer or clients, I have good news for you. Your search ends here! Here are some ideas that would be helpful in assisting you to choose an appropriate gift for your recipient.

There is a wide range of personalised corporate gifts available in the market which are high-quality at an affordable prices. These gifts include: alarm clocks, golf balls, china mugs, card holders, hampers, desk accessories, mouse mats, name plates, paper weight, tickets for show and travels and so forth.

Following are some more examples:

Personalised frame – An option of a beautiful and useful corporate gift whereby the recipient can use to frame up beautiful images, special photographs, certificates, awards or any related items. It can be made more personal by engraving special date or name on it.

Pen/Pencil Set – Sets of pen / pencils act as a great choice of customised gifts. In order to make these corporate gifts more personal, one can carve the intended recipient’s name, initials, or even a special dates on the pen or pencil set.

Calculator – In offices or organisations, appropriate calculators with recognised brand would act as a good choice of personalised gift.

Business Card Holder – A fancy, simple, thoughtful and useful choice of customised gifts.

Calendar or Big. Beautiful calendars or office bags with imprinted company name or logo can also act as appropriate personalised corporate gift.


Source by Paul Sung

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Stress Relief – How to Manage Stress in 5 Minutes


"Tension is who you think you should be; Relaxation is who you are." -Unknown author.

Why stress affects your vitality

Did you know that the first response of the body to stress is a shrinkage of the thymus gland? Now, if you consider that the thymus gland has a lot to do with immunity system and with your vitality, it is obvious that stress can have a direct impact on your health. The typical example is when people are under stress – which causes their natural body defenses go down– and then they end up catching a cold. Long-term stress is harmful because it obstructs the body's natural processes of regeneration and detoxification.

The usual reactions to stress

People's usual reaction to stress is to either "flight" (willing to run away from it) or "fight" (deciding to confront it, as in a struggle where you hope to win). This is because when people are in a state of stress, they use predominately only one brain hemisphere in trying to find stress relief. If they use the left hemisphere, they apply all of their logical, analytical and even mathematical forces to the problem, but fail to apply their intuition as well to solve it. Reason alone is not enough to solve the problem.

Conversely, when people respond to stress using primarily the right hemisphere, they tend to want to escape and run away from the problem, which is not either a sound solution in objective terms if appropriate action needs to be taken immediately. However, in some cases "taking a break" from the problem might be utterly useful, as when you are in the middle of arguments and disagreements with someone else and you decide to have some quiet time to cool down, instead of getting "worked up "in the course of a discussion, which could in fact make things worse.

The ideal approach

Obviously, the ideal approach to find stress relief is to apply both hemispheres to solve a given problem, because with logic and intuition together we become truly creative and are in a much better position to find a sound solution to a stressful situation.

Now, in practical terms, what kind of general, easy and ready-to-use healthy tools can you use to find stress relief the very moment you are under a stressful situation?

3 healthy ways to handle stress and find stress relief:

1) Changing the physical part of the problem

When you are facing a stressful situation, simply ask yourself: What practical physical changes can I make to improve the situation? Let's give an example. Suppose that you are stressed over the fact that you are always coming late to work. You can easily overcome the problem either by changing your patterns and leaving your home half an hour earlier each day, or by changing your mode of transportation. That is a physical change.

2) Changing your own, personal perceptions

As Carl Janowitz says, "most stress in not the result of the event itself, but rather originates from the perceived threat of an event." So changing your perception of an upcoming event can alleviate the problem. Do not magnify its nature. Do not indulge in its unpleasant characteristics over and over. Do not see it as a "punishment". Avoid dramatizing about it. Maintain objectivity as much as possible. Do not take things personally.

3) Practice acceptance, stop the fight to ease the pressure

In some cases you can handle a stressful situation merely by acceptance. For instance, if you are stuck in a traffic jam and find yourself fretting over being late to a meeting or a social encounter, you can say to yourself: "I have no control of the situation. " This takes away the additional pressure that come from fretting or being nervous about the situation.

Are there any holistic remedies that help effectively in achieving stress relief?

Certainly. If you are open to alternative holistic remedies, you may resort to the use of Bach flower essences to put yourself into the right frequency to communicate more effectively with your Feeling Self and be able to find your natural balance. These are non-toxic natural herbal remedies made of flower essences that have unique energies to link you with the positive core of your own being. You may have heard of the famous "Rescue Remedy" , a combination of flower essences commonly used to help people find fast relief in acute emotional situations.

There are 38 different flower essences. Each one corresponds to a specific emotional state. For stress relief you have – addition to the general "Rescue Remedy" – some wonderful essences:

"Cheery Plum" helps you when you perceive that something "is enough to drive you mad" and feel that "you are about to burst" or lose your self-control. This remedy helps you find relaxation in those moments.

"Elm" is very useful when you perceive that an important job or responsibility makes you feel so stressed and you feel that you might not be up to it. This remedy helps you to feel more confident and objective in those situations.

"Impatients" helps you when you feel stressed because you perceive that you are being held up for any given reason. This remedy helps you to find more patience and reduce stress in those situations.

"Oak" helps people who put themselves under too much pressure and over-exert their power from a feeling of duty. This remedy helps you to find the balance needed to fulfill your duties without having to destroy your personal reserves of energy.

How do you take the flower remedies? -Simply add two drops of the flower remedy to a glass of water and sip it through the day as required (people with problems of alcoholism should note that the solutions do contain a very small portion of alcohol). Try not to take the remedy at the same time you have other drinks or food to avoid diminishing the impact of the essence.

Any other recommendations for effective stress relief?

Doc Childre makes a solid point when he affirms that "appreciative feelings activate the body's biochemical systems that help diminish stress and stabilize the psyche". Therefore, a very good and effective practice to relieve feelings of stress is to spend sometimes every day to focus on feelings of appreciation. Try to appreciate small and big things. Make it a heartfelt appreciation. Mere words are not enough.

Indeed, from a metaphysical point of view, the feelings of appreciation and gratitude always raise your vibrations from the lower states (where stress, anger and other similar states remain), to the higher states of consciousness. The higher the state, the less possible it is for stress to be the ruler of your life.


Source by Javier Ramon Brito

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Climate Camp 2007 Gears Up To Take On Air Travel


Last week, BAA failed to get a full injunction against 15 groups planning a protest camp near Heathrow campaign against proposed plans to increase airport traffic as well as building a third runway. They were only awarded partial containment rights on one action group, Plane Stupid, and were told to pay the costs of the other groups involved.

The protestors are claiming the law courts decision a major victory due to the extra publicity given to their
protest and are now expecting 1500 people to support the Climate Camp at its location near Staines.

Who are the people behind the protests?

Plane Stupid www.planestupid.com

Plane Stupid is a coalition of airport residents and environmentalists who use direct action against companies involved with airport expansion and aviation. Plane Stupid has been ordered not to enter Heathrow Airport and selected areas in its vicinity during the month of August. They call for airport expansion plans to be scrapped, an aviation fuel tax and an end to short haul flights.

Climate Camp www.climatecamp.org.uk

Climate Camp act as a rally point for groups seeking to increase awareness of environmental concerns. In 2006 the Climate Camp pitched in Yorkshire and was used as a base to protest against the UK's largest coal powered power station. Climate Camp chose Heathrow as a target for their protests in 2007 due to air travel's increased contribution to global warming and the planned Heathrow runway expansion.

Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise http://www.hacan.org.uk

An independent lobbying group which campaigns for quائeter, cleaner and safer conditions for residents living under Heathrow's flight paths.

Airport Watch www.airportwatch.org.uk

A movement which unites several national environmental organizations and airport community groups opposed to the Governments Aviation White Paper 2003, that called for expansion of the UK's air travel potential.

No Third Runway Action Group www.notrag.org

NoTRAG is a residents' organization in the London Borough of Hillingdon, which is opposed to the building of the third Heathrow Airport runway. They oppose the runway as its construction will destroy the village of Sipson, as well as part of Harmondsworth and Harlington. They estimate 700 homes at least will be destroyed in the runways path.
Lib Dem MP Susan Kramer is supporting the right for Plane Stupid to protest, if not directly the protest itself.

Why are these groups campaigning?

Air travel is a growth industry in the UK; aviation now accounts for 1.2% of national GDP. One third of UK exports now go by air, doubling since 1990. UK residents make around 60 million visits overseas each year, compared to just 13 million in 1978.

It is estimated that half the population of the UK now flies at least once a year, and these trends are set to continue as the number of cheap flights available increments via the internet.

The reasons for concern are demonstrated by less inspiring statistics: air-travel is expected to contribute 17% of UK greenhouse gases this year. If current trends are to continue that figure could be 50% by 2050. Should this prove correct, it could mean that the UK's commitments to reducing carbon emissions under the Kyoto agreement would be impossible to honor.

There is also a general distrust of aviation planners that even the current expansion plans may not be enough; the current plans for a third runway were categorically denied just a few years before the project was put back on the table.

Mike Roberts, Managing Director of Heathrow Airport Ltd (owned by BAA) sent a letter to local residents claiming that Terminal 5 was to be the last project required for Heathrow Airport.
"I'd like to reassure you", he stated in March 2003, "that [the Airport] will NOT require another runway or an increase in night flights."

The Aviation White Paper 2003 was a government study looking at how to deal with UK aviation in the next 30 years. It called for massive investment in constructing runways and airports to meet expected demand. The paper was examined by the Environmental Audit Committee ,aired by Conservative MP Tim Yeo. They found that carrying out the plans would see UK aviation increased by the equivalent of a new Heathrow every five years.

It is feared by the Climate Camp campaigners that as more airports are created, more air travel will be encouraged, in a similar way that building more roads creates more traffic. As increasing passenger numbers help reduce the overall price of air travel tickets, more people will take more airline trips. This trend will be unsustainable in the long term with the damage to the environment that air travel creates; it is also thought that due to the air travel exhaust being released directly in the atmosphere it has double the effect of carbon emissions on the ground.

How can I help if I wish to?

Climate Camp will not solve the problem on its own; it can only raise awareness of the environmental issues so that people are convinced to change their lifestyles. Over 45% of UK short haul flights for example are for less than 500km; cutting down on these flights and taking the train instead can help in the long term.

It may even be a quicker mode of travel; a race was held recently on the 16th June, the European Day of Action on Aviation. Two sets of contestants stripped from London Big Ben to the Eiffel Tower using train and air travel; the couple on the train reached Eiffel tower 3 hours before those using plane (and had a significantly lower carbon footprint)

What response is the protest getting?

Despite popular support, the protest may have been ruled illegal, despite its non violent ethos. There is a trend in legislation that is eroding people's right to protest against government policy; anti-terrorism and anti-stalking laws were used this year to try and limit Climate Camp's peaceful protest.

The 1997 Protection from Harassment Act amended by the 2005 Serious Organized Crime and Police Act, states that harassment is defined as:

"to persuade any person … not to do something that he is entitled or required to do … to do something that he is not under any obligation to do …. alarming the person or causing the person distress".

No definition of alarm or distress is given. This could potentially put a 5 year jail term on anyone who protests against any company or individual actions that disagree with, a departure from the original spirit of the law that was intended to stop stalkers harassment women.

Had Heathrow Airport Ltd succeeded they could have paid five million people from the Piccadilly Line, large sections of the M4 and land surrounding Heathrow including the airport itself.


Source by David John Martin

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Travel & Make Money – Successful Travel Blogging Strategies


Why do we seek to make more money? I'll tell you why, because money buys freedom. Freedom to go where we want. Do what we want; when we want. If you are like me, you love to travel. You've got wanderlust and you got it bad. Simply put: Money finances our wanderlust and traveling makes us happy. Here's one thing many people do not know – you can actually travel and make money at the same time. This article is intended to introduce you to one way to make money traveling by travel blogging.

Travel blogging can be done anywhere in the world where you have a laptop and an Internet connection. And it can allow you to make money simply by sharing your travel experiences. Here are a few key considerations to establishing a profitable travel blog:

* Choose a travel topic with the widest market appeal. A blog is like any other product, to determine if it will be successful before you start you must first determine if there is a market demand for the information the blog will provide. There are a number of ways to do this. The easiest to is to research the popularity of keywords related to the travel topics you want to cover with your blog. Goggle and Overture have good free keyword research tools. You can find them from any search engine. Make sure that your related keywords are searched at least 10,000 times in any given month. This number is a good minimum threshold.

* Monetize the blog. You will not make any money with your blog unless it is monetized. There are three primary ways to monetize a blog: advertising revenue, affiliate sales and sales of your own products. If you are just starting out, you probably will not have any products of your own so its best to start with ad revenue and affiliate sales. For the beginner, Google's AdSense is a good starting place for getting good contextual based advertising revenue. For affiliate sales there are many travel related affiliate products at Commission Junction and Amazon's Associate program. There are many, many more programs you can use to monetize your blog but I recommend these because of ease of use.

* Build readership. A blog without visitors makes no money. Period. First, your blog should contain good content updated frequently. That's what keeps readers who do find you coming back for more. Next, your blog should have RSS feeders and the ability to capture the email address of visitors who want to optin to your newsletter (that you need to establish) or site updates. There is a decent free blog optin service offered by FeedBlitz. Next, promote your blog by including a reference to it in your email "sig file." Also, readership will typically increase as you post more. Each time you post most blog software will ping (notify) the search engines of the new entry. The more quality pings you receive the higher your blog will appear in search engine rankings. The higher you get the more traffic you generate. The more traffic you generate the more money you'll make.

These are the very basics you need to establish a profitable travel blog. If traveling and making money appeals to you considering starting a travel blog.


Source by Daniel Hall

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Cheapest Car Insurance For Imported Vehicles – 5 Tips


If you own or plan to buy an imported vehicle, you are undecidedly excited about your car. Imports can be fuel-efficient, sexy and sporty. And, like any car foreign or domestic, foreign cars require a significant investment to keep you behind the wheel.

Car ownership is never cheap. There are the car payments themselves to think about. And, then you have to pay for gas, repairs … and car insurance.

Imports And Domestic: All Cars Need Insurance

Whether a car is an import or a domestic make, you are going to need to buy insurance. Purchasing car insurance is not only a legal necessity, but it is also a moral one. But, even if these concerns are not at the top of your list, there is another very good reason to buy insurance: to protect your net worth.

You see, if you skip buying insurance or buy too little, you could be liable in civil court for damages after an accident you cause. So, besides being a legal and moral necessity, buying insurance is just plain smart.

Many Imported Vehicles Are Sports Cars

Many imported vehicles fall under the sports car header. If your car is considered as such in the eyes of most insurers, get ready to pay more for insurance than you would if you owned a minivan or a sedan. However, the good news is that you can find insurers that specialize in sports cars (see below).

Types of Insurance Coverage

There are various types of coverage. In general, you will want to consider liability insurance (to cover the other party), medical coverage (to cover your party's medical bills), collision (to cover your party's vehicle repairs) and uninsured motorist (to cover your party's bills if the other party causes the accident but is not insured).

Finding The Cheapest Car Insurance – 5 Tips

Here are 5 tips for cheapest car insurance for imported vehicles:

1. Decide wherever your car is considered an sports car: While there is no universal definition for sports car, in general sports cars are going to be those that are high performance, have two doors, and have a tuned suspension.

2. If a sports car, create a list of insurance companies who specialize in sports cars: Some insurance companies specialize in sports cars, so be sure to put together a list of them.

3. If not, compile list of best insurance companies around: If your import is not a sports car, that just opens up the field even greater for the companies you have to choose from.

4. Create a list of desired coverage types and limits: When shopping for insurance to get the cheapest rates, you are going to want to get comparable quotes from multiple companies. This means getting comparable coverage. Speak with an insurance agent about which types of coverage and coverage limits you need. Then, ask for those same types of coverage from each of the other companies you contact.

5. Contact at least 5 car insurance companies: Now, start shopping! Contact at least 5 of the companies on your list. Do not stop until you have contacted all of them: more choices means better chances for savings!

Follow these 5 tips to get the cheapest car insurance for imported vehicles.


Source by Everett Maclachlan

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Historical Places to Stay in France


If you want a trip to a place which is grand but contemporary, where you could walk along white sand coastlines of serene beaches then choose a France travel. France travel is all that you need to have a feel and taste of paradise, wherein a spectacular topography will sweep over your emotions and gorgeous nature's metaphors will captivate your heart.

A getaway to France is a journey that will take you through splendid panorama, beautiful beaches, shopping malls, architectural work of art, museums, and the luxurious accommodations in France's best hotels that offers world-class services.

Also, France is a place where a lot of historical events took place. And with this in mind, you may want to savor the historical atmosphere that your France travel could give you. For a full experience of what went before, you have the option to stay in elegant hotels or inns that are rich in history and full of interesting things. Below are just some, where you could exactly have a taste of bygone era:

1. The most celebrated spot in France when it comes to history is Normandy. It is historical in a sense, that it has fought too many battles and seen too many wars for France. The burning of Joan of Arc in 1431is the world's most legendary event here. There are just too many hotels in this place to choose from such as Chateau de Bouceel and Hotel d'Argouges. Surely, you should spend some time here for your France travel.

2. Château des Alpilles-This elegant hotel will give you a taste of what refinement and luxury is all about. This chateau was built in 1827 by the Pichot family and through its existence it has accommodated famous personalities like Chateaubriand.

3. Château de la Vallée- This chateau will be a nice choice if you really want the feel of history because within the walls of the chateau, famous people have been here. When they give you a room with names like Chopin, Delacroix, Flaubert and Liszt, it's most likely that these people have slept in the same room! The chateau was built by a doctor who steadfastly took care of his patient George Sand who is a feminist trendsetter and an author. Curiosity griped this area of ​​France as they tried to unveil this woman who masquerades as a man.

4. Hôtel Trianon Palace -Louis XIV's construction of this palace nearly bankrupted France. In the rooms that house guests today are the same rooms where diplomatsats who sanctioned the Versailles Peace Treaty in 1919 took lodgings. The luxurious hotel prides themselves if their own relaxing spa.

5. The Hotel Juana in France is located in the resort of Juan-les-Pins near Cap d'Antibes. It offers conventional lavishness and stylish contemporary susceptibility in the midst of its historic architectural designs and fabulous seashore setting.

6. Château de Roussan – the chateau will remind you of the bygone time. The main building which is protected by neoclassical stone façade was built in 1701. The famous psychic Nostradamus once lived in one of the chateau's here. This hotel is one of the most beautiful in Provence, France and you might want to stay here as you enjoy your France travel .


Source by Gunawan Harinanto

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Visit Thailand – Visit Similan Islands


The Similan Islands are just about 84 kms northwest of Phuket in the blue crystal waters of the Andaman Sea. The islands have become popular with tourists because of their clear blue waters, especially among divers. The most interesting spots, therefore, seems to be found benefit the waves. Many spectacular coral growths in the world can be found here.

The Similan Islands have become just as popular in their own right because of the low-lying formations covered with thick forests of Ironwood and gum trees. The islands are also home to many types of animals as well as endangered animals.

The Similan Islands consist of ten small islands. The first island is Hu-Yong or Koh Nueng (Koh means island in Thai). Koh Nueng has got a white sandy beach and is the longest beach from all other islands. It is a place for sea turtles for laying their eggs, and it is a good place for deep diving.

The second island is Pa-Young or Koh Song. There is no beach on this island. So, it is just a good site of deep diving and snorkeling. The third island is Pa-Youn or Koh Sam. Also, there is no beach on this island. Typically, people call this island "The Great Wall Island" as there is a rock formation just like the wall under the sea around the island. Lots of beautiful fishes are swimming around the wall including barracuda. This island is a good spot for deep diving.

The Forth island is Mieng or Koh See. There are tourist information center, restaurant, accommodation, office of The Similan Islands National Park, and other western amenities for tourists on this island.

There are two main beaches on Koh See. The first one is located in the front of The Similan Islands National Park office. It has got a very fine and white sandy beach and it is 400 meters long. It is good spot for swimming and snorkeling. The second beach is located on the east of the island. Tourists can walk through the evergreen forest to reach this beach as well as can get a good opportunity to study the nature of the forest within the area. Koh See is a great spot for snorkeling, deep diving, nature studying, bird watching, beach activities, and sightseeing.

The fifth island is Koh Haa. It is just a small island, but it is a great spot for diving. On this island, there is white-gray eel that it loves to show itself out of its hole which it can not be found on the other islands. There are lots of corals around the island. This island is a great place for deep diving.

The sixth island is Pa-You or Koh Hok. The island is full of rocks and cliffs. There is a beach on the east side of the island with a wide area of ​​living corals. It is a good sport for deep diving.

The seventh island is Pu-Sa or Koh Jed. This island is a great site for deep diving as its geographical area provided. Lots of beautiful and colorful fishes are living around this island. Tourists may be able to see sea turtles and Sting rays.

The eighth island is Similan or Koh Pad. It is the largest island out of ten islands of Similan Islands group. There is a small curve bay on the north of the island called horseshoe bay which there are full of coral and beautiful fishes. The sea is very clear which is good for swimming and snorkeling. On the east side of the island, there is a big rock in Boot shape and Fantasy Rock which are symbols of the island. This island is a great spot for snorkeling, deep diving, nature studying, and camping.

The ninth island is Ba-Ngu or Koh Koaw. General geographic of the island is rocks and cliffs. "Christmas point" is well known for deep diving site for divers and is located on the east side of the island.

The tenth island is island is Ta-Chai. This island is announced to be included into the Similan Islands group on the 25 September 1998. This island is also a great spot for divers.

So, if you are looking for the excitement and natural beauty that can only be found in the clean unspoiled waters of the sea. Please visit the Similan Islands.


Source by Johny K

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Pain Management


Controlling chronic pain and keeping it under check can be hard. Most patients are not sure about the overall process and approach to pain management, which is why they frequently rely on medications and painkillers for quick relief. In this post, we will talk about pain management and things that matter the most.

The basics

Chronic pain can be associated with a number of conditions, not limited to arthritis, unsuspected injuries, cancer treatments, and other old and unhealed injuries. If you have consistent pain in one of your body parts for more than a month that doesn’t seem to improve, you should consider visiting a pain management doctor. There are a wide range of options available, and in most cases, doctors often rely on multiple treatments, depending on the facts of the case.

Understanding pain better

Pain is physical, and it can impact different people in a different way. For example, if a certain patient is depressed about chronic pain, his feeling and emotional state will be different from someone else, who has suffered an unexpected injury. The whole process of pain management is based on many criteria. First things first, the doctor will consider the possible need for additional test and diagnosis. This is important for determining the overall nature and extent of treatment. He may also suggest a few initial things and lifestyle changes, so as to understand the response of the patient. If the pain is too severe, he may also offer additional medicines to decrease the inflammation, so as to reduce the overall discomfort.

The options

1. The first and obvious treatment for pain is medications. In many cases, doctors may consider benzodiazepines and narcotics, but these aren’t meant for long-term relief from chronic pain. Typically, patients can have one of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Naprosyn or ibuprofen, to minimize an unexpected bout of pain. In some cases, doctors may use Tylenol for treatment, while for many patients; antidepressants are more than necessary to help symptoms. The short-term use of steroids is not uncommon either.

2. The next option is therapy. You will find clinics that specialize in pain management, but here, the doctors are not focused on medications. Yes, medications might be necessary, but it is more about therapy. This includes physical therapy and acupuncture, where a therapist will decide the right range of exercises for the patient, so that he can manage his condition at home. In some cases, cognitive-behavioral therapy is more than important, as well.

3. Then we have the choice of interventional pain medicine, in which chronic pain is treated with minimum invasive interventions. This can be anything from neuroaugmentation or use of facet joint injections and radiofrequency ablation, based on the patient’s case and requirements. Interventional pain management is getting popular by the day, especially for patients who have limited choices.

Finally, doctors may also rely on other treatments and therapies that may reduce the psychological impact of pain. This can be anything from relaxation techniques, meditation, cold and heat therapy, and massage and so on. It’s important to seek help at the earliest, because initial pain related conditions are easy to detect and manage.


Source by Hampry Gomes

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