Antigua Weather – Best and Worst Months to Go


Antigua has 365 beaches — one for every day of the year — and plenty of good weather to go with each one. But the island has its share of bad weather months, too.

Besides the beaches, Antigua and its companion island of Barbuda are known for good shopping, historical sites and plenty of hotels, resorts and restaurants.

The island has little variation in temperatures throughout the year, but strong peaks and valleys with rain.

Tourists will experience an average high monthly temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the World Weather Organization says. The average monthly low temperature is 75 degrees.

Antigua weather in June through October reaches average high temperatures of about 87 degrees Fahrenheit. They reach a low of 83 degrees in December, January and February.

Rainfall averages 3.6 inches per month. It reaches a high of 5.5 inches in September, with almost as much rain in October and November. These months have the most storm and hurricane activity of the Caribbean’s annual hurricane season, which officially runs from July 1 to November 30. The islands also see higher rainfall in May, although not as much as the fall months.

Antigua weather in February sees rainfall reach a low of 1.5 inches, followed closely by March, January and April, respectively. February through April average about eight rain days per month, while August, October, November and December average 13 days a month.

The best time to visit Antigua is March and April, while the worst time to visit Antigua is September and October, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

A combination of warm temperatures and light rainfall make February through April along with June the least risky months for a vacation there. Likewise, Antigua weather in August through November along with May have the highest risk of rain.


Source by Scott Bateman

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Punta Cana Weather – Best and Worst Months to Go


The Punta Cana weather forecast usually calls for warm and beautiful days, but there are times when it is not so beautiful.

This resort enclave in the Dominican Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. In fact, the country is known for its all-inclusive resorts and beautiful beaches.

Because of the resorts and beaches, visitors often stay on property for the entire vacation and take advantage of Punta Cana’s typical Caribbean weather.

Average Temperatures

The average monthly high temperature is less than 85 degrees Fahrenheit and average low is less than 74 degrees, the World Meteorological Organization says.

On a day-to-day basis, however, the actual temperature can vary widely.

Temperatures stay in a narrow range throughout the year with an average high of 87 degrees in August and September compared to an average high of 82 degrees in January and December.

Water temperatures remain warm and comfortable as a result.

Temperatures that stay above 80 degrees during the day year round make Punta Cana an attractive Caribbean destination even during the winter.

Average Rainfall

Rainfall in Punta Cana is normal for most places in the Caribbean. The monthly average is 3.6 inches, while typically it rains about 9.5 days during month.

Rainfall jumps to nearly five inches in May, which is the month with the second most rain during the year.

October sees the heaviest average rainfall with six inches total. June, August, September and November also have higher than average amounts of rain.

February and March have the least rain, averaging about 2 inches each. It rains less than seven days a month, another low point for the year, in February through April, which makes the spring time a good time to go.

Best Months to Go

March and July are the most popular months for tourists to visit.

September and October are the most unpopular months because they are the peak months for the Caribbean hurricane season.

Rainfall and temperatures make March, April and July ideal months to visit Punta Cana.

Rainfall also makes October, followed by May and November as the worst months to visit. September is not far behind.

However, prices for resorts tend to decline in the fall because of the bad weather.

Anyone looking for good prices and willing to take a chance might consider going during those months. In that case, travel insurance would be worth considering.


Source by Scott Bateman

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Trek India: Budget Trekking at Karnala Near Mumbai Airport in India, at Local Rates of $3


For a travel enthusiast, trekking at Karnala, as part of Trek India, is like nailing 4 targets with one arrow. You get to view a Bird Sanctuary. You get two routes as options for easy trekking or medium level trekking. You get to explore two Forts, one at an intermediate height, and the other at the peak. Finally, you also get to experience your fair share of adventure, around the hills, rocks and forts of Karnala. What’s more, you get to do all of this at a minimum of just $3 per head!

Best Season to Trek Karnala

The best season to trek Karnala is between the months of June and September, which is the rainy season in India. Trekking Karnala at this time of the year, makes it easier and more pleasant for you to explore the hills and the forts, due to the pleasant cool rains, which tend to keep your body and head cool. This way you cannot end up feeling exhausted and hot-headed on your way uphill. The rains also make the trek a little more adventurous and trickier. It doesn’t make the trek difficult. Just take care of the grip you have on the ground with each step, and the rest of it is an easy way up and down.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary:

The actual bird sanctuary spans a total area of 4.27 square kilometres. It is home to over 150 species of resident and 37 species of migratory birds, who visit the sanctuary during winter. Two very rare birds have also been sighted at this bird sanctuary. These are the birds, Ashy Minivet and Malabar Trogon.

Trek Duration, Rates & Trekking Groups:

On an average, if you set out at 7:00 am in the morning, from Panvel station (1 hour by train from the nearest station to Mumbai Airport in India), you can expect to complete your trek and return to Mumbai City, by 5 pm in the evening. From Mumbai Airport, it might cost you 40 cents for a return ticket to Panvel station. From Panvel Station, any local trekking club like “Keen Venturers & Trekkers” or “Wild Rangers“, or an array of other such groups, can be chosen from, to execute your Karnala Trek.

You might need to do an online search for these groups, and register in advance, based on their timetable and the date on which any of them have scheduled, for the Karnala Trek. These trekking groups are non-profit groups led by qualified and senior IT professionals, Doctors, Lawyers etc. These groups are passionate about trekking, and are expert trekkers, conducting proactive trekking since years, around the tricky terrain of the state of Maharashtra, in India.

The Karnala trek may cost you between $3 to $10, based on whether the trekking group offers to provide morning snacks, or snacks in the morning and evening, or lunch with morning and evening snacks etc. The cost is generally inclusive of at least: The cost of travel from Panvel station to the foothills and back, and at least a morning, or an evening snack.

More Information on Personal Experience of the Author at Karnala & Pictures taken during the Karnala Trek:

To view my first-hand experience during a trek to Karnala, and to view pictures of the same, you can read my blog post on a Karnala Trek, in which I participated, in June 2011 at:


Source by Arrnica Dayannandan

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Visiting Vienna? The Top 5 Tourist Traps – And Alternatives!


Everyone knows that as soon as a perfectly rational human being goes on holiday, they lose all common sense and end up buying trinkets and knick-knacks at astronomically priced souvenir shops. You’ve probably also visited a tourist mecca and heard all about can’t-miss shows and sights – only to shell out a wad of money and leave sorely disappointed. Vienna is no different. However, I’m here to help you steer clear of vacation letdowns and find Vienna highlights.

Tourist Trap #1: The Lipizzaner Horse Shows

The Spanish Riding School was founded in 1572, making it the oldest and most prestigious in the world. With beautiful Baroque architecture nestled within the Hofburg palace, the architecture alone is worth visit – not to mention the majestic Lipizzan horses. However, before you pay up to 173 euros for the performance (don’t bother with a cheap or standing ticket – all you’ll see are people’s heads and a few white specks pirouetting about), why not watch their morning training? You’ll see the horses up close and personal (12 euros) or add a guided tour of the stables with a combo ticket (26 euros).

Tourist Trap #2: Grinzing – or any other restaurants with tour buses in the parking lot

You’ll want to try authentic Viennese cuisine while visiting Vienna, and there’s no better place than a traditional Heurige (wine tavern/restaurant). One main Viennese attraction is Grinzing, a collection of Heurige in the vineyards overlooking Vienna. Instead of jostling past hordes of Japanese tourists, you’ll be much happier venturing just outside Vienna to Heurigefrequented by locals. There are great Heurige in Austria’s Weinviertel (Wine Quarter) in Stammersdorf and Hagenbrunn or in the picturesque town of Perchtoldsdorf to the south. All of these villages are within easy reach of Vienna.

Tourist Trap #3: Hotel Sacher

While in Vienna, one must try the world-famous Sachertorte. This world famous dessert consists of two layers of chocolate cake separated by a layer of apricot jam in the middle and covered in a dark chocolate glaze. Now, Hotel Sacher holds the right to the “Original Sachertorte,” which makes it the most expensive, but definitely not the best. While Cafe Sacher, located directly across from the State Opera House, offers a sumptous atmosphere, if it’s a really good Sachertorte you’re after, then I’d personally recommend L. Heiner, located at Wollzeile 9 or Tirolerhof in the city center.

Tourist Trap #4: Cafe Central

Cafe Central was one of Vienna’s most venerable coffee houses. Intellectuals and authors such as Peter Altenberg, Theodor Herzl, Egon Friedell, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Anton Kuh, Vladimir Lenin, Adolf Loos and Leon Trotsky would meet here to discuss politics, philosophy, economics and the like. With such famous patrons, long history and a beautiful atmosphere, it’s no wonder that every tourist guide recommends it. However, all of this is slightly deceiving. The real Cafe Central was located in another part of the building, the Palais Ferstel, and closed at the end of WWII. Although you’ll see these celebrities of old beaming at you from informative signs around the cafe, they never actually sat at your table. In addition, there’s really nothing special about this cafe. The architecture’s pretty, but the food/drinks are mediocre and in my opinion not worth the inflated prices. If you want a to visit a Viennese coffee house, try Cafe Prückel or Cafe Hawelka, where they have fresh Buchteln, sweet yeast dough dumplings with jam fillings. Under no circumstances should you choose a Starbuck’s and thereby pass up the opportunity to experience the unique personality of each Viennese coffee house.

Tourist Trap #5: Any souvenir shop in Vienna’s 1st district – the city center

I know, I know – you’re in Vienna, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. You’ve traveled around, seen the sights, had a fantastic time and want a keepsake to remind you of your stay here. However, before you decide to purchase a Klimt poster for 50 euros (there are some great poster/print shops in Vienna), why not reflect on a) whether you really need it and b) if you’re wasting hard-earned money on a real piece of Austrian culture, probably manufactured cheaply in China. My advice: don’t even bother walking into a souvenir shop in the city center – there’s nothing you need there and it’s not worth the price. So, before you take that snow globe to the cash register, try out some of the following places for some unique Viennese keepsakes:

Museumsquartier Gift Shop: out-of-the ordinary memorabilia, cool, but not necessarily inexpensive

Naschmarkt: why not take home some Austrian specialties like schnapps or pumpkinseed oil?

Antique shops: there are fantastic finds hiding just beyond the city center – especially in districts 4, 6, and 7.


Source by Jeremy Riegler

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A Realistic Flying Experience For Low Spec PC’s


There are quite a handful of different flight sims available on the PC and in other platforms. One of my favorite early flight-sims was F-22 Lightning by Novalogic. The game used a 3D engine that was considered to be quite state-of-the-art for its time. The main appeal of the game to me was the fact that I felt like I could fly virtually anywhere I wanted to as long as my fuel would last without any invisible barriers to hamper my flying skills (or lack thereof). It was like a little kid’s dream come true to be able to actually pilot a top-class fighter jet with no restrictions and no repercussions in case of failure. What made the experience even sweeter was the fact that you could literally crash the jet in all sorts of places and even shoot your guns and missiles at your own base and destroy all the buildings on your own airstrip. The amount of freedom that you had in this particular flight simulator was quite unprecedented considering the fact that it was released in the mid-90’s just before OpenGL and Direct3D became the standard for almost all 3D games.

The reason that I am bringing up F-22 Lightning is because I felt that even though the game had some flaws as far as game design was concerned, the realistic flying experience that it offered was unparalleled at the time it was released when most flight sims had this arcadey, game-like feel to them. This brings us back to the present time. At one point, I felt a bit nostalgic and sought a kind of free-roaming, do anything you want flight sim that was more up to date and would actually run on my modern PC. I did a few Google searches and after reading a few articles on various flight simulator software, I found several positive ProFlight Simulator reviews. Of course, what really attracted me to the software was that based on the gameplay videos and screenshots, it didn’t require a very high-end PC, but the graphics were quite passable for a modern game. After mulling it over a bit, I decided to take the risk and make the purchase – fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed.

Most people would probably be put off by ProFlight Simulator because of the somewhat dated looking graphics that would not look too out of place in an early PS2 launch title, but don’t let that fool you. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to gameplay, ProFlight Simulator is arguably the best flight sim available on any platform. What really sets ProFlight Simulator apart from the completion is the amount of depth that was put into creating this game. There are over 120 different aircraft available in the game and all of them handle differently – presumably, as similar to their real-life counterparts as possible. You can even pilot the legendary Wright Flyer if you want. Furthermore, there are over 20,000 simulated airports in the game and the environments are actually updated in realtime using GPS Satellite data taken from the internet. This means that you can actually visit different countries from all around the world and they will look as close to the real thing as the game’s graphics engine permits in realtime.

As far as realism goes, ProFlight Simulator is not for those who cannot stand a bit of a learning curve. This game actually simulates how a real pilot would fly a plane in real life. There are no shortcuts to learning how to control your aircraft and if you do not know what you are doing, you will find yourself in many epic plane crashes as you get used to the game’s control system. Time may be the only difference between the game and flying in real life. Travel time is noticeably compressed in the game because it is quite doubtful that anyone would actually find piloting a 5-hour trip on a commercial airliner entertaining.

If you are looking for a realistic flying experience along with the ability to take your plane anywhere you want in the world, then ProFlight Simulator is the PC game for you.


Source by Lloyd Junsay Doronila

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Textbook Rental


Thinking of buying the required textbooks in college? Wait! Don’t do that just yet. There are ways to save on college textbooks. You don’t need to shell out as much as a thousand a year for your textbooks. You can save by renting from textbook rental sites that are getting more popular as new textbook prices increases over the years. Textbook rental can be done by just logging on to textbook rental sites and picking the books you need for your subjects. These books will be ship to you and you can return them after the rental period.

Here are the advantages of textbook rental:

1. You save money – This is the number one factor when deciding whether to buy or rent college textbooks. It has been proven that you can really save by renting. Depending on the textbook rental site you choose, you can save up to 85% by renting rather than buying. This would help you stretch your budget by leaps and bounds. If you have extra time, you can scour the net to get discount coupon codes to get further discounts or more perks when renting. Taking the time to do your research and looking for the best sites can save you the most money.

2. You save time – Buying online can help you save time and energy. You need not go visit several bookstores to complete your college textbook requirement. You only need to browse through the large selection of books that textbook rental sites offer, choose the ones you need, checkout, type in your discount coupon code and rent. It is easy to do and you can do it in the littlest time possible at the comfort of your home. By doing so, you also save transportation and gasoline cost.

3. You save trees and the environment – Using rented textbooks will decrease the amount of paper use thus saving the trees and the environment. This is important today as we now live in a country where each person contributes and tries hard to be eco-friendly. You can save thousands of trees by renting textbooks rather than buying new ones.

4. You help the community – You may wonder how you can help the community by renting textbook. If you look closely at the different textbook rental sites, you will notice that most of them offer to help the community every time you rent from them. Some of the programs include planting a tree for each textbook rental and donation to partner organizations.

Disadvantage of Textbook Rental:

With textbook rental, advantages outweighs the disadvantages. There is only one disadvantage – you will not be able to use them as a reference book once you’re rental period is up and you have returned them to the rental site. Another which is not really a disadvantage but can be a problem is when you don’t return the books on time. This can cause you your savings since you have to pay for the book extension. So, better make sure to follow the rental procedure to get most of your savings.


Source by Jacob I King

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Considering a Backpack With Wheels? – Check Out the High Sierra Wheeled Backpack


I had the need to do some air travel on my last job. Whenever possible I kept my luggage to a minimum: one carry-on to stow in the overhead and a briefcase to jam under the seat in front of me. Inevitably my connecting flight was across the terminal from my arriving flight and more often than not the incoming flight was late so it was a mad dash to get to my connector before it left the gate. Without my faithful wheeled carry-on, or as the flight attendants called them “roller”, I would have been in a world of hurt trying to make that hectic, cross terminal dash.

But there were a number of folks that I noticed who used a backpack as their carry-on bag. Convenient, because it left their hands free for other things. Of course the inevitable evolution has occurred and a hybrid of the “roller” and the backpack was born: the wheeled backpack. Now you have the best of both worlds. Although it looks more like a roller with shoulder straps attached than a backpack with wheels attached, it offers great convenience.

Here Are The Basics

The High Sierra wheeled backpack is a prime example. In fact there are several models available from High Sierra. There are several common components of these wheeled backpacks:

– Corner mounted wheels

– Telescoping handle

– Padded shoulder straps

– Grab handle

Beyond these basics there are changes to the configuration; function and of course color.

The basic wheeled backpack model for High Sierra is the Chaser.

– Approximately 2100 cu in.

– Single-post style, telescoping handle

– Large zippered main compartment

– Zippered front compartment with organizer

– Small, zippered quick access pocket on the front

– 8 color selections

The wheels on the Chaser are in-line skate style and would not be considered truly “corner mounted” because, although at the corners of the pack, they are enclosed and not exposed. This configuration takes up some storage space in the pack since the wheels are not completely on the outside corners but rather recessed in some. Twenty-one reviewers give it a 3 ½ stars out of five with the biggest complaint being about the durability of the telescoping handle, while the most common praise was for the overall quality and usefulness. One business is using them to carry vital items out of the office in case of an emergency because they can be carried down a long flight of stairs like a backpack, then wheeled to an agreed upon location.

More and Better Options

Two other models round out the High Sierra wheeled backpack offering. The next step up from the Chaser is the Freewheel and the top model is the Powerglide. When I traveled I always took my laptop with me and sometimes two. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Freewheel and Powerglide is that they are laptop backpacks. Both can hold, up to a 17″ laptop. In the large storage compartment there is cushioned sleeve for the computer. In addition, they have in common:

– Zippered front compartment with organizer

– Zippered easy access pocket with headphone port

– Corner mounted wheels

– Corner guard and rub rail for protection

These two models differ in three obvious ways:

Freewheel Powerglide

Dimension – 20.5″ X 13.5″ X 8″ 21″ X 14″ X 9″

Telescoping Handle – Single Post Double Post

Pockets – Open Side Pocket Zippered Side Pocket

School Use – Maybe / Maybe Not

All of that being said about the wheeled backpack being used for travel, the most common use has been for school, and particularly elementary aged children. Seems like a great idea to use the rollerpack instead of lugging around a heavy backpack on the back of a yet developing physical frame of a child. But a word of caution. Before you rush out and get one of these ingenious load bearers for your child, check with the school first. Backpacks with wheels may not be allowed at your child’s school.

Many schools have banned the rollerpacks for these reasons:

1. They clog the hallways

2. They don’t fit into lockers

3. Students trip over them and have accidents

4. They are heavier than the typical backpack and when loaded cause greater stress

So check with your school to see if rollerpacks are allowed. Like most anything else, taught the proper way to use something can make a big difference.

Well, a backpack with wheels may be the solution you have been looking for, for school or travel. The High Sierra wheeled backpack offerings are worth looking into if you are in the market for one of these helpful carryalls.


Source by Lawrence P Baker

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Pool Table Resale Value


Resale value is something to keep in mind when buying, or owning, a pool table. In a great deal of ways, a pool table can be related to a car in most cases. As soon as you drive that new car off the lot it depreciates in value tremendously. Same is true for your table in most cases. However, just because it depreciates doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a worthless after you buy it.

It’s important to mention that there are differences between the quality of each particular brand. Generally, you can distinguish them in two categories. Mass manufactured and domestic heirloom. Now, typically a mass manufactured table is a less quality cheap price product while a domestic heirloom would be a customized solid wood product.

Brand recognition does play a factor in the resale value at the domestic heirloom level. Most of the time, however, the more common the name the more common the table meaning the less you can get for it in the long run. This is only due to “popular” styles flooding the market. Something a little more brand recognized will still depreciate a great deal, but you are still going to get more than half your money back even with a “common” model.

The mass manufactured, or “import”, table typically depreciates by over 80% after the initial installation. Usually these models will need more work done on them before a realistic resale is proposed. On average, you can expect no more than $500 in the resale of one of these billiard tables.

When people go out to buy a used pool table, they trust the brand names over the others by huge margins. These tables are built to last. In most cases, the only thing they will need to pay for besides the table is the professional moving cost and maybe new pool table cloth.


Source by Benjamin L. Hancock

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The Natural Wonders of Cuba


Nearly anyone will tell you their country is the most beautiful in the world but when a Cuban makes this statement you can believe it! Cuba is a nation that values its natural resources and treasures its natural habitats and the wildlife within them. Being economically isolated for so long, this island recognized decades ago that it must nourish and preserve its natural resources. You will find astonishingly beautiful and largely untouched natural wonders here when you visit on one of the many Cuba education tours available.

Zapata Swamp in the Matanzas province is less than 93 miles from Havana and a natural wonder that environmentalists and nature lovers alike will enjoy. Here you can see the Cuban Crocodile, Cuba’s national symbol as it resembles the shape of the island when its mouth is open. There are nearly 200 species of birds, over 1,000 invertebrates and 31 species of reptiles. You can hear the songs of the Zapata sparrow, the Zapata wren and over 65 types of birds that migrate from North America. This unique swamp is the best preserved wetlands in the Antilles, over a million acres of salt marsh, forests, lakes, rivers, blue-water beaches and ponds. You’ll find flooded caverns as well as swamp prairies, colorful flamingos and the bee hummingbirds, the world’s smallest bird. Next door to the Zapata Swamp is the Bay of Pigs, breeding ground to millions of land crabs each spring.

Vinales Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a beautiful and fertile valley where you can see farmers employed traditional agricultural methods. There are no huge, monstrous machines but skilled people intimately working the land. You can see caves in the hill faces and magnificent cliffs called mogotes.

that includes this particular destination. You’ll be astounded at the natural beauty and vibrant colors of the flora and fauna in this remarkable natural formation.

Peninsula Guanahacabibes, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and National Park, is on the western most point of Cuba. It is an important fishing resource for red snapper and spiny lobster; the Guanahacabibes National Park is one of the island’s largest natural reserves, separated from the bulk of the island by beautiful white sand plains that border one of Cuba’s lakeside areas. On this peninsula you will find 42 families of birds, several species of marine turtles, coral reefs and a coast lined with cays and islands. You will also find more than a hundred archeological sites formerly occupied by aborigines fleeing from Spanish conquistadors and the site of Cuba’s first forced labor camp dating back to 1960.

Topes de Collantes is another reserve park definitely worth a stop when you book of the authentic Cuba tours that are available. Located in the Escambray Mountains, it is famous as one of the hiding places of anti-Batista rebels back in the 1960s. Here you can see beautiful mountains covered with lush vegetation that provides a refuge for many species of animals. The warm, moist winds of the Atlantic have helped form ecosystems that have been designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. You’ll find beautiful waterfalls feeding pristine rivers and streams, be able to hike through canyons and grottos and see naturally formed pools of clear water. More than 40 species of orchids and 100 species of ferns grow here along with jasmine, begonias, plantain and banana trees and 40 species of coffee.

There is so much beauty on the island of Cuba! Booking a tour with an authentic Cuba travel agency will insure that you see all the natural wonders that the island has to offer.


Source by Anuj-a Agarwal

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The Saving of NASCAR’s Jack Roush


It was Friday evening, and Larry and Donna Hicks were about to watch the six o’clock news in their lakeside home at Palos Verdes Estates outside Troy, Alabama. Hicks was a 52-year-old retired Sergeant Major with the Marines, now working as a conservation enforcement officer for the state of Alabama. He had arrived home from work half an hour earlier, and he and Donna had talked about going to a movie, but decided against it.

The TV news was just starting, when they looked out the window and saw a small plane flying down the shoreline of Palos Verdes Lake.

“I wonder if he knows about the power lines,” Larry said, just as the aircraft suddenly shuddered to a halt, flipped over, and headed straight down into lake. Hicks was already running out the back door as the plane hit the water, yelling behind to his wife, “Call 911! I’m going to see if I can help the pilot.”

Fortunately, Larry’s brother, Wayne, had left a 14-foot aluminum johnboat, with an electric trolling motor, at the lake in preparation for bass fishing that day, then had not shown up. Donna made the call to 911, and ran outside in time to see Larry commandeering the johnboat, headed toward the Air-Cam, which was about 100 yards off shore.

Years before, when Hicks had been stationed at the Marine Air Corps Station in Iwakuni, Japan, he had spent two-and-a-half months, part time, in an intense Search and Rescue program. A major got him into it because he thought Hicks would be good at it since he was muscular and into weight building. The training was specifically directed toward saving pilots who had gone down in water in fixed-wing or rotary-wing planes. Hicks learned how to get pilots out of planes that had crashed upside down. However, he remained in the telecommunications unit, and never had the opportunity to use his specialized training.

The engine of the Air-Cam was hot when it hit Palos Verdes Lake, and the airplane was smoking in the water. High octane aviation fuel from a ruptured fuel tank floated over the surface making greasy patterns. The back half of the aircraft and a broken wing were sticking up from the water. Hicks climbed out of the boat onto the wing and tethered a line to the plane to keep the boat from floating away. The heavy smell of gas assaulted his nostrils. It was only later that he thought about the danger of the plane blowing up.

The water was murky, and Hicks had trouble getting his bearings underwater. The plane had crashed in the middle of an underwater “stump field,” but luckily had missed hitting any trees. The first time down, Hicks ran out of air and was forced back to the surface without locating the pilot. The second time, he felt the back of the man’s neck under his hand. After another trip to the surface, he took a deep breath, and descended a third time.

Larry’s military training–the repeat drill of what to do until it became second nature–took over: “Locate Pilot, Extract Pilot…” Hicks felt for the pilot’s seatbelt; fortunately, it was one he recognized by feel from his training in the military. He released the belt, and the pilot floated into his arms. Hicks swam to the surface, pulling the man with him. The pilot had bones sticking through his legs, and his feet were turned the wrong way.

The man was bleeding through the nose and mouth, and was no longer breathing. He had drowned. The Troy police had arrived on the lake bank by now. Larry yelled to the officers,”He’s not breathing,” and he heard one police officer say to another, “He’s dead.”

Hicks hauled the man up against the wing that was sticking above the water and put a modified Heimlich maneuver under his ribs and pulled up to get the water out of his lungs, then started modified CPR. The inert figure coughed up water and blood, then on the fifth breath, started to breathe. “I’ve got him breathing again,” Hicks yelled to the rescue unit on the shore.

Hicks gripped the wing of the plane with his left hand, lying on his back in the water, supporting the pilot on his chest with his right arm to keep his head above water. He felt a stinging sensation from the aviation fuel, which worsened until he was in great pain. He found out later, the top layer of his skin had burned off.

The rescue unit brought out an extra boat, put the pilot on the backboard and floated him to shore. Larry tried to follow the four members of the rescue team as they walked out of the lake, but his legs gave way. He and the pilot were transported to the Troy hospital.

While Hicks was being treated for the gasoline burns on his upper body, he heard the helicopters arrive to airlift the pilot to the University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham. After a decontamination shower, Hicks was released.

Word was out almost immediately that a light plane had crashed, piloted by celebrity Jack Roush, NASCAR and Winston Cup car owner since 1988. An aircraft aficionado, friends of Roush had arranged for him to fly the Air-Cam, a specialized aircraft built specifically for photography, as a birthday gift.

Roush was initially put on a respirator, with a trauma team working on him. He had inhaled water and gasoline and suffered closed-head injuries, rib fractures, a collapsed lung, compound fractures to his left leg, and broken ankles. He did not remember anything from the time of the accident until he woke up in the hospital that weekend.

Amazingly enough, six days after the accident, Roush was running his business by telephone from his hospital bed. By Sunday, he had arranged for Larry and Donna to be flown by private jet to Birmingham, Alabama, to visit him.

Six weeks later, Roush piloted a plane from his Michigan home and hobbled around on crutches at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware, overseeing his four-car Winston Cup team. Larry and Donna were by his side.

Larry Hicks has no doubt that a Higher Power was at work in Jack Roush’s incredible rescue. If the Air-Cam had hit the high tension power lines instead of the support wires as it did, the plane would have gone down in flames. If it had crashed on the ground or hit a tree in the underwater stump field where it landed, Roush would have been killed instantly. If Larry and Donna had gone to a movie that evening, as they had discussed, or simply been in another part of the house, they would not have seen the plane go down, and Jack Roush would have died. If Wayne Hicks had not left the johnboat ready to go, there would have been no rescue.

But, most amazing of all, Hicks was one of a small percentage of the populace with the specialized knowledge necessary to save a pilot in an upside-down plane from a watery grave. And, one other thing was necessary to save Jack’s life, which is that Hicks is a man of action who did not hesitate to put himself at risk to save a stranger’s life.


Larry Hicks was recognized with many honors as a result of his heroic rescue of Jack Roush, including the Marine Corps Medal of Heroism, the Carnegie Award for Heroism from the Carnegie Foundation, the Kiwanis International Robert P. Connally Medal for Heroism, and the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Medal for Heroism. The story of the rescue appeared in People magazine, and Larry and Jack were on the cover NASCAR Illustrated.

Larry exhibits great pride that he lived up to the United States Marine Corps Code of serving his country with Honor, Courage, and Commitment, with selfless service.


Source by Brenda Warneka

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Scotland, The Land of Cakes


Scotland is one of four constituent nations that form the United Kingdom (the other three are England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Scotland forms the northern part of the island of Great Britain. The land of cakes, Scotland is famous for its oatmeal cakes. Caledonia is the poetic name of Scotland.

The official language of Scotland is English, although Gaelic is spoken, primarily in the North and West of Scotland. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and Glasgow is the largest city. The other major cities include Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness and Stirling.

Scotland is divided into three main regions; the Highlands, the Midland Valley and the Southern Uplands.

Scotland includes 787 islands, of which most belong to groups known as the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland. Tay, Spey, Clyde, Tweed, Dee, Don and Forth are famous rivers of Scotland.

The Caledonian countryside is a wild, beautiful tumble of raw mountain peaks and deep glassy lakes. Scotland is a place where one can watch golden eagles soar over the rocky peaks of the Cuillin and play golf on some of the world’s most hallowed courses. Scotland is a connoisseur’s delight – she unveils her true depth and complex flavors only to those who relish her slowly.

Scotland is well known for its mountainous and beautiful scenery. Much of the upland within the UK is contained within the borders of Scotland, along with the highest peaks. The highest mountains in Scotland include Ben Nevis (1343m or 4406 feet high), Ben Macdhui (1309m or 4296 feet), Braeriach (1296m or 4252 feet), Cairntoul (1293m or 4241 feet), Cairngorm (1245m or 4084 feet), Ben Lawers (1214m or 3984 feet).

Scotland is also known for its lochs (this name is generally used for lakes in Scotland). Loch Lomond, Loch Ness and Loch Awe are famous lochs of Scotland.

Scotland is one of the hot tourist spots in the world. The scotland vacation, scotland golf vacation and scotland vacation packages are famous all over the world. Scotland hotels are known for their quality, comforts and luxuries. They offer the exquisite scenic views full of romances.

If you are planning for scotland vacation, can help you find scotland hotel. The website offers tons of info on scotland hotels, hotel accommodation scotland, honeymoon hotel scotland, romantic hotel scotland, luxury hotels in scotland, quality hotel scotland, wedding hotel scotland,

hogmanay hotel Scotland, cheap hotels scotland etc.


Source by Sardool Sikandar

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How to Manage Gout Attack During Flight: A Summary


Gout attacks are fairly common while travelling by air. This is something that you may not have heard or given a thought, but here is some important information that you need to consider while you are onboard especially when you forget to take your Gout medication before boarding.

There are two important factors that can trigger gout flares particularly while flying; this can be due to lack of mobility or due to dehydration. Therefore it is recommended to make sure that you always keep blood in circulation by regular movements and always keep yourself hydrated. The economy seats on a plane hardly give you enough leg space to move. Your legs are always cramped unless you have a smaller frame. Anyways do remember that you have the privilege to ask for water and other fluids during a flight.

Due to sluggish blood circulation especially when plasma is over saturated and with the increased presence of uric acid a gout attack can be likely. In other words there is more chance of the uric acid to crystallize into the MSU crystals which causes the pain, inflammation and fever of acute gout attack. This pain grows worse in feet especially when you are stationary for long period during a flight.

A gout attack is common in the big toe of the feet. So, make sure you take extra care of your feet. Keep them warm as cold is also another reason why the uric acid can crystallize. Moreover it is a natural fact that the feet happen to be the coldest part of the body. To improve the blood circulation on a plane below are some easy point to stick to

i) Walk up and down the aisle in between the flight.

ii) If your flight has a stopover or transit, walk around as much as you can instead of sitting in lounge or on bar seats.

iii) During flights you also get an information booklet with some simple exercises that you can do to improve the blood circulation in your body.

The main reason of dehydration on board is that the air in cabin has less humidity than the normal air that we breathe on ground. Dehydration is not good for gout and the risk grows when the duration of flight is long. Uric acid is not very soluble but drinking a lot of water can actually help with lowering the chances of crystallization. Experts usually recommend that 6/8 x 6 fluid oz glasses of water should be consumed every day. Thus when you are on a flight this becomes even more essential.


Source by Kaylie Foresterfinn

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Las Vegas Travel Guide – 9 Things to Do After Midnight That You Haven’t Thought Of


Here are 9 Items (not in any particular order)

1) Flamingo Hotel Wildlife Habitat – This exhibit is open all night and is free. You can lazily walk numerous mini-trails through the exhibit and watch the Flamingos and Koi Fish in a relaxed pleasant atmosphere. Be careful though. It is rumored the ghost of Bugsy Siegel walks the grounds of the Flamingo late at night. If you continue through the trails you will find a statue dedicated to this mafia member.

2) Bellagio Conservatory – This Botanical Garden is open 24 Hours and is Free. This is a beautiful walk through impressive displays. Each Season is a different display so go back and visit again on your next trip. While in the Bellagio you can visit the largest glass sculpture in the world. It is a ceiling mounted multi-colored marvel.

3) The Macabre Tour – If you are into the Dark Side or the poular topic of CSI Crime Scene Investigations then there are a few books out on the market that tell of the crimes such as Murders and Suicides that happen on the Las Vegas Strip.

4) Hungry? The Las Vegas Strip isn’t just $2.99 cheap buffets anymore. There is some fine restaurants located around the Strip that cater to the after Midnight crowd. My personal favorite is the Carnegie Deli in the Mirage. Also the Studio Cafe at the MGM Grand serves a great late night breakfast. 24 Hour restaurants.

5) Guinness Book of Records – Did you know of the 25 Largest Hotels in the World 19 of them reside on the Las Vegas Strip. Those hotels are: (Smallest to Largest) due to the quick Vegas Death of Hotels this list can’t be expected to stay accurate. Assume if one these hotels has been replaced then the new hotel is now on the list.

  • Planet Hollywood (Aladdin)
  • Harrah’s
  • Imperial Palace
  • Bally’s
  • Treasure Island
  • Paris
  • Las Vegas Hilton
  • Monte Carlo
  • Mirage
  • Caesars
  • Flamingo
  • Circus Circus
  • Bellagio
  • Excalibur
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Luxor – The Luxor also holds two records for Largest Atrium and Brightest Light.
  • Wynn Las Vegas / Encore
  • MGM Grand
  • Venetian / Palazzo

6) Pools – I know this doesn’t sound very exciting but the Las Vegas Hotel pools are not your community center rectangular pools: they are works of art. The Mandalay Bay doesn’t have a pool it has a BEACH. If you are a lover of beauty and art then visit the pools around the strip. I suggest going around 2am. Often you can lounge and have a conversation with someone it pure quiet.

7) Workout? That’s right many of the Las Vegas Strip have 24 Hour fitness centers for those Die Hard visitors. A few hotels even have 24 hour Spas so you can get a massage at 3am.

8) Shopping – Need a book or souvenir at 2am? The Las Vegas Strip has 24 hour Strip gift stores. Expect to pay a premium but if you can’t leave without your CSI Las Vegas t-shirt, Elvis mug, or Las Vegas deck of cards then it wont be a problem.

9) Haunted Houses – During the Halloween season there are many Las Vegas Haunted Attractions located up and down The Strip. There is big money invested into scaring you out of your wits. Ghosts, Demons, Poltergeist, and Murderous Criminals (eg, Saw, Freddy Krueger, Jason) are all recreated here in pure Hollywood Special Effects style. If you have a heart condition or squeamish about blood you might want skip these attractions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the Las Vegas Strip is relatively safe if you are going to be walking around after midnight take the same precautions you would with any big city. You should always travel in groups, avoid back alleys, and use the pedestrian bridges to cross the street.


Source by Jeff Terrozas

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The Origins of the Kadayawan Festival


The Philippines is a country that values its history. As many traditions have molded its people’s culture and points of view, Filipinos are still dwelling on old customs and are still evident in their lives today. Among these followed traditions are the festivals in honor of the higher beings old-age Filipinos believed to be the givers of their fortune. As a country that overflows with numerous celebrations, who could forget Davao’s Kadayawan Festival?

Dubbed as one of the country’s most spectacular festivals, the Kadayawan Festival is celebrated during the whole month of August in time for the harvest of Davao’s prized fruits. With grand parades, cultural programs and exhibits and various sporting events, this month long event is an absolute sight to see.


The first Kadayawan Festival can be recorded back in the 70s when former mayor Elias Lopez initiated various festivals that featured Mindanao’s tribes specifically the Lumads and the Muslim community. Most of these festivals featured the tribal dances and rituals of the said natives.

Originally, the tradition of the Kadayawan Festival was derived from the rituals of the ancient tribes of Davao that resided on the foot of Mt. Apo. The purpose of the ritual was to thank their superior being for the bountiful harvest. Because of this, they offer their first harvest with dance rituals in thanksgiving especially to their god “Manama”.

It was in the 80s where the festival was accredited does making it an annual celebration for Davao City’s culture and history. It was then named as “Apo Duwaling”, where words were derived from Davao’s natural icons, the Mt. Apo, Durian and the Waling-Waling orchid. The celebration was initiated in time after the Martial Law where Davao’s government was looking for ways to showcase the city as a peaceful and progressing city. Finally in 1988, the festival was renamed as “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” in 1988 by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and remained that way ever since.

Kadayawan Festival Today

Every year, Davao prepares for a grand celebration that involves parades also known as the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan, bazaars, fairs and cultural events. Many tourists, media men and professional photographers head to Davao during August to witness an event as such.

For foreign and first-time tourists, it’s advisable to hire a Davao tour package on one of the city’s traveling agencies. For a well-planned itinerary that will definitely present Davao in its best form, traveling in Davao is truly one of a kind.


Source by Fraz Nino Pasquil

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Tooth Ache Remedy While on Vacation


While many suffer from nausea while on the seas or jetlag after flying across the country, a tooth ache is one of the worst pains to get while you are on vacation. Not only can the pain be excruciatingly painful, but it is one of the biggest reasons why a vacation is ruined. If you have the first signs of an infected tooth, then it would be best to postpone the trip or get an appointment with your dentist immediately. Make sure that the dentist prescribes you a prescription pain reliever that you can take with you. Do not ignore the pain and hope that you can ignore it with all of the exciting activities going on. A tooth ache will only get worse with time, and you will not be able to ignore the pain for very long.

If you are flying, then you are much more susceptible to a painful tooth. This is due to the barometric pressure that you encounter when you are up in the air. If you have ever been on a plane then you probably remember that your ears will pop as you go higher and higher into the atmosphere. If you already have an inner ear infection or a sinus problem, then the pressure from your ears will only accumulate into your jaw, causing a tooth ache. If you have dental work done prior to flying, then it is recommended that you stay away from flying for a certain amount of time. Being higher in the atmosphere can cause your new incision to bleed.

While there are certain dental insurance providers that will cover international practitioners and other traveling situations, it is best to stick with a dentist that you know and trust. Try to avoid eating foods that can cause an irritated tooth. Popcorn is one of the leading causes, as well as extremely cold foods. Do not forget to pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss for your trip. This will help prevent you from having any type of tooth pain. You will have to check with some flight companies before you pack. Many planes will not allow toothpaste. However, baking soda is allowed, which is an excellent alternative to tooth paste.

While you might have already done so, make sure to pack an extra strength Tylenol for the trip. This will not only help relieve the pain of a possible tooth ache, but any pains that could occur. There are also direct medications that you can apply to the tooth which will numb the area. Any antiseptic that contains Benzocaine will work fine. Remember to never place aspirin directly on your gums, because this can cause your gums to be burned.

The lingering question is if you should seek the help of a dentist while you are in another country or area of your country. If it is an emergency that you are not able to cure with basic remedies, then it is crucial that you seek the help of a professional. Some tooth aches are too severe for you to wait until you arrive back home. While abroad, your dental insurance provider can recommend other practitioners that are under the same coverage and who are reliable.


Source by Joe Stewart

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Travel Nursing Series: Travel Nursing in Greece


Why do people travel? Perhaps plain wanderlust urges people to see new places and have new experiences or the need to get away from everyday stress or pressures at home or work. Some may want to make a religious pilgrimage to a sacred site or a new career may beckon. Whatever the reason, travel allows you to make a connection in another country, meet different people and experience different cultures.

One of the easiest careers to "take on the road" is that of the health care professional. Physicians and nurseries are in demand in every country in the world and it is easy to find work overseas. Nursing skills are universal and those of nurses in the United States are among the most advanced. Getting certified to work overseas in a foreign country, though a bit tedious, is relatively easy. Usually a placement agency can help guide the US nurse through the process. Salary and benefits are in line with standard travel nursing guidelines. Subsidized housing, signing bonuses, paid vacations and health insurance are offered, depending on the particular job. You will need to pack your own nursing uniforms and nursing shoes as these items are not provided by the employer.

Nurses in Greece are in significant demand. To find and apply for a position as a nurse in Greece it is best to use a professional agency to help with the procedure. Travel nurse agencies help guide nurses to find the ideal job in Greece. International employment applications can be overwhelming with the amount of paperwork required but a good agency will help with the necessary visas and certifications. The agencies are the intermediary between employer and nurse, negotiating a contract that is beneficial to both parties. They will provide job particulars such as work hours, overtime regulations and nursing uniform requirements. Many international hospitals have adopted the US trend of wearing uniform scrubs instead of traditional nursing uniforms. Shopping for medical uniforms in Greece may be difficult, but online websites offering large selections of uniforms scrubs at discount prices are available for your uniform needs.

The Greek National Health system provides a basic medical service to Greek nationalities and it has a reciprocal agreement with the British National Health Service. There are many public and private hospitals in Greece, all with varying standards. Some private hospitals have affiliations with US facilities. These hospitals are an excellent resource for American nurses looking for positions abroad in Greece. The staff doctors at these private hospitals have been trained in US or another international teaching institution. In public medical clinics, especially on Greek islands, often very little English is spoken. Many visitors to Greece, and Greek citizens, transfer from island care units to hospitals in Athens hospitals for more modern and professional care.

Medical facilities in Greece range from rarely adequate to very good. Public hospitals are severely understaffed, especially during the night shift on non-emergency wards. Nursing jobs in these facilities is very demanding work. The standards of nursing and after care, particularly in the public health sector lag behind what is normally acceptable in the US. In order to insure adequate care, those patients who can afford it hire private nurseries to tend to them during their hospital stay. For those with good insurance coverage, private hospitals are available with modern facilities and excellent care. Travel nurses generally procure jobs either in a private hospital or as a private nurse in the public hospital. Knowledge of Greek is, of course, helpful. Doctors and facilities are generally good on the mainland, but may be limited on the islands. It is possible to get by with English, but it will take time to translate patients. In public medical clinics, especially on Greek islands, often very little English is spoken.

Life in the Greek Islands is quite different from that in the United States. Greeks enjoy life today on entirely flexible schedules. The relaxed attitude of the Greeks to time is similar to that of Brazilians, rarely doing today what can be put off until tomorrow. It takes a little effort on the part of the travel necessity to reduce expectations based on time. The Greek word "filoxenia" means "love of strangers", so the travel nurse will find themselves welcomed into Greek life with great exuberance. There are many religious festivals and family celebrations.

The day starts early in Greece, before the heat of the day sets in. Afternoon siestas last from 2pm to 5 pm. Many workers return to their jobs after the siesta to work until 8 pm. The dinner hour rarely starts before 10:00 pm and often lasts well beyond midnight. Travel nurses will need to adjust their internal meal clock in order to join the social scene in Greece.

Strikes and demonstrations regularly in Greece and be disruptive, especially if you are on your way to work. These occurrences are normally orderly, but if necessary tear gas will be used for riot control. Local news sources keep locales abreast of news of demonstrations. Purse snatchers and pick pockets operate at tourist locations and on crowded public transportation, as in any public area.

Time off from work should be sent visiting the many wonders of Greek civilization. Public ferries run between islands, making access to antiquity sites easy and affordable. There are numerous good Greek travel guides available to detail the numerous sites to visit.

Travel by car in Greece can be an adventure in itself. Temporary Greek residents must carry their valid driver's license from their country of origin as well as an international driver's permit (IDP). Drivers not carrying an IDP can be penalized for failure to have one in the event of an accident, and may further be open to a civil suit as well. Heavy traffic and poor highways pose hazards, especially at night or in inclement weather. Many roads are typically poorly maintained and frequently pothole-ridden.

Greece has a list of "must see" sites that is unparallel. First and foremost is the Acropolis in Athens. Situated on rocky ground high above the city streets, the Acropolis represents classic Greek culture at its zenith. A visit to Olympia, the site of the original Olympic Games and the ruins at Epidaurus, where the ancient theater is still in use for festivals, are must see sites for tourists. A popular destination in Crete for tourists is the Minoan palace at Knossos and the opportunity to experience Macedonian culture and view the tomb of Phillip II of Macedon draws people to explore Vergina. The opportunities to explore ancient Greek culture are limitless and a stay in Greece as a travel nurse will yield ample time to get to know this wonderful country and its friendly people.

One of the first things you will notice as you take out on your travels of Greece is the wide array of litter strewn virtually everywhere. Hillsides are awash with discarded appliances, cans. Bottles, boxes, rope and other litter, leaving the traveler to wonder why the breathtaking scenery is not more appreciated by the locals. Beaches and the sea are not exempt. Plastic bags, bottles and cans float by on a regular basis.

Half-finished buildings join Greek ruins, dotting the landscapes and streets. Concrete is the building material of choice and it is everywhere. Unfortunately, Greek concrete workmanship is not of good quality and often results in unsightly messes. Greek construction is often done on an intermittent schedule, dragging out for several years. Houses are often left half half-finished for months, or even years at a time. Another familiar site in Greece is the chain link fence. It is thrown up around anything and everything. Much fencing falls into the broken, bent or rusted category making one wonder if the gaps serve any purpose.

After the unsightly aspects of Greek litter and construction, most people will agree that Greece has more wonders than warts, and travel among the islands is the adventure of a lifetime. So grab your uniform scrubs, nursing shoes, stethoscope and travel gear and head off to the beauty of the Greek islands.


Source by Sally Ryan

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Is Cash Rebate the Best Credit Card Reward?


Credit card rewards come in all shapes and sizes. They include free air tickets, priority booking of special events, free movie tickets, discounts for fine dining and many others. However cash rebate is probably the most popular for many people.

Most card holders prefer to exchange their rewards for cash rather than redeeming other available freebies. Many financial experts also believe that the cash-rebate programs are actually the most straightforward credit card rewards than other type of rewards. The simple the reward system, the less cost it is to the credit card company.

Cash-rebate programs have a wide variety of classifications. It all depends on the type of credit card that consumers have. For example, there are rewards intended for college students such as college savings. For retirees, they have retirement investing rewards.

In a typical cash-rebate program, the credit card company will return a small percentage of the total amount charged to the card back to the cardholders. The percentage can be as high as five percent of your purchases. The rebate is usually reflected in the monthly card statement as a credit item. As an example, a balance of one hundred dollar with a five-percent rebate will result in a final payment of ninety-five dollars.

Usually, the percentage of rebate is higher when the purchases are made in popular categories like gas stations, restaurants, clothing stores and air tickets. A one-percent rebate seems to be the norm for most purchases. However, the rebate percentage differs with different credit cards and it make sense to do some research before getting one.

Some may feel that the cash rebate is not as valuable as other rewards like air tickets. While this may be true but high ticket items such as air ticket usually required a large amount of reward points. This usually translates to large expenditure on your part and it may take you a long time to accumulate the necessary points. In this aspect, the cash rebate option is more attractive as no reward point is necessary to receive the rebate.

To appeal to a larger customer base, many credit card companies also include other rewards that are redeemable by points in addition to the cash rebate. This open up a lot more choices for the cardholders as they can enjoy the rebate and redeem other gifts with points.

Cash rebate is the probably the best reward for those who regularly charge small purchases to their credit card. The saving over the long run can be pretty substantial. For the big spender, high ticket items like air tickets or fine dining are probably more attractive to them.


Source by Stephen Chua

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