So imagine the scenario: you’ve been texting with a guy for a couple of weeks now, but you c

an’t really tell if he’s that into you. People spend a lot of time texting with one another never really knowing if it’s serious or just playing around. So, it’s only natural to wonder how to tell if a guy likes you through texting. Below, you’ll find some signs that he probably DOES like you and is interested in pursuing a relationship, as well as some indications that he’s not all that serious.


  • He responds to your text almost immediately, or lets you know why he was delayed getting back to you.
  • If he texts you periodically through out the day to talk about just anything, he’s definitely interested.
  • If the first text you see is a “good morning” or the last one is “good night”, he’s into you!
  • Is he comfortable enough with you to discuss his past, his present and future? This means is it more than superficial chat? If so, he cares about you.
  • Does he send small jokes or pictures that remind him of you? This is a sign you’re on his mind throughout the day.


There are always some red flags that appear in texts with a new person of interest. If you see these on an on-going basis, you may want to delete the contact.

  • He’s constantly asking for pictures of you…usually without your clothes on!
  • He cannot text you after a certain time, ie 6pm. This indicates he’s probably married and doesn’t want to be seen texting you at home.
  • He takes days to reply to your texts
  • He replies with only one word texts or even worse, one letter, ie “k” or “cu”
  • He wants to meet immediately, or conversely, he always puts off meeting in real time.

One red flag is not typically a sure sign he’s bad for you, but if you continually get them, don’t ignore them. Trust your gut feeling and don’t try to make the relationship work just because you like his picture.