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Lawn Care Basics A well-maintained lawn is a beauty for any household to have. Most of the time, your lawn reflects the care you give to it. Consistent care for your lawn is done by regularly mowing, watering, feeding, and aerating. Whether you are just maintaining a well cared for lawn or are doing it because you are planning to sell your house, lawn care adds value to your home. Here are a few things to remember about Lincoln lawn care. Mowing is the first thing you need to remember in lawn care. Cut only the top height of the grass to about one-third of its total height from the ground. All the clippings should be left on the lawn as this also acts as fertilizer for the grass. Mowing your lawn regularly maintains the grass in good health. The blades on your mower need to be sharp at all times to ensure a clean cut every time. Mowing in the same direction is not advisable. Do not mow wet grass because this can cause clumps to form and become a breeding ground for disease causing organisms.
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If you are going to choose a mower, pick the size that is compatible with the size of your lawn. A small walking lawn will do an excellent job mowing a small lawn. On the other hand, if your lawn is huge, a ride-on mower is necessary.
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Lincoln lawn care requires you to water your grass regularly. Water is what keeps your grass green and healthy and looking bright. Water the grass early in the morning but avoid watering it too frequently. It is important that the ground is soaked with water to ensure ample supply for the grass when temperatures rise during the day. Another thing to remember in Lincoln lawn care is feeding. In order for your grass to grow green and healthy, it needs to be fed good nutrients also. It is also vital to have your soil tested for nutrient deficiency. Knowing the nature of your soil and its possible structural deficiencies may be discovered through testing can help improve its properties. Spring or summer requires a different kind of fertilizer for it to become effective during that season. Lawn feeds used during spring or summer have more nitrogen and less phosphate components. The reverse is true for autumn fertilizers, which have less nitrogen and more phosphate components. Fine sand, ammonium, and iron sulfate can be poured on our yard to prevent the growth of weeds and moss that will eventually harm your grass. The best time to use this is in the latter part of spring. Another important thing to remember in Lincoln lawn care is aeration. The process of aeration improves the root system of your grass by getting ample amounts of oxygen into the soil.