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Tourism Industry Is Growing Fast in Nepal

Tourism industry is growing speedy in Nepal. It has been included in the top ten travel recommendation 2010 worldwide. Nepal, the land of mountains, is one of the most spectacular places on earth. It holds eight of fourteen highest mountain peaks of the world. Due to presence of mighty mountains in Nepal, it is preferred destination of trekking and mountain climbing. It is developing as adventure tourism destination. It is globally acclaimed destination for adventure travel. The adventure sports like trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, rafting, paragliding, etc. Nepal also provides the options for wildlife tourism and nature sightseeing.

The developing infrastructure and growing hospitality is contributing a lot in the sharp development of tourism industry. The improvement in mode of transportation allows the tourists to travel comfortably in hot destinations of Nepal. Many hotels are standing in the cities to provide comfortable accommodation to the guests. Travel operators are also providing many facilities to attract tourists.

It is paradise destination for adventure lovers and nature lovers. They can trek in popular treks like Everest region, Annapurna region, Dolpo region, Kanchenjungha trekking trails, Langtang regions, etc. These trails are best places in the world for trekking. Trekking in Nepal can be made very adventurous and playful with right preparation and planning. Trekkers should pack their bags in right manner. They must carry winter clothes, knife, water bottles, necessary medicines, etc. It is advised to plan trekking under the guidance of trekking guides. The guides will provide you safety gears to trek in the adventurous trails. Nepal trekking tour is the main selling point of Nepal tourism. Mountain flight for sightseeing is also very contributing in growing tourism industry. The options of trekking attract numerous adventure seekers from all corners of the world.

To promote tourism with greater pace, many tour packages are being launched by both Government Corporation and private travel operators. According to source it has been confirmed that Nepal hosted more than five lacks tourists in 2010. It has also been confirmed that most of the tourists are from India, China and Sri Lanka. Such a sharp development of tourism is attributed development of tourism infrastructure and effective management that include accommodation and transportation.

If you also want to visit this preferred and globally acclaimed tourism destination, then plan a trip to Nepal. Enjoy trekking and sightseeing in Nepal. Nepal trek is very adventurous for the adventure crazy people. Many rivers originated from the mountains of Nepal. These mountainous rivers are very ideal for rafting and boating.

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Have a Fun, Romantic, Unique Christmas Experience – Vacation at a Clothing Optional Resort

Do you remember the line from Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” movie? Clark, in frustration utters to his wife Ellen, “Worse? How could things get any worse? Take a look around here, Ellen. We’re at the threshold of hell.” Does that movie remind you of your last family Christmas vacation?

Maybe it is time that you try something unique, different and fun. Try something new, exciting, and romantic. Have some fun in the sun. Vacation at a clothing optional resort this holiday season.

“But, I’m not a nudist,” you are thinking. No problem! More and more, nudist resorts have gone mainstream. You will want to go where the weather is warm meaning Miami or sunny Palm Springs, CA.

At the best clothing optional resorts, guests don’t even think of themselves as nudists. They just love the European style nude sunbathing. They don’t even charge memberships like the old style nudist colonies did.

People’s lives are hectic. They are full of stress. They desperately need to relax. That is why nudist resorts are perfect. They are an oasis of calm in the sea of holiday uproar. The best ones cater to couples, so they don’t have noisy children running around. You can relax poolside all day long and not get disturbed. A present of a vacation at a clothing optional resort is the perfect gift for any happy couple.

In a recent poll by American Express Travel, they found “holiday travel has evolved considerably from the local family gathering to new, exciting adventures as travelers seize the opportunity to create lasting holiday memories. Not only are travelers looking to indulge in new travel experiences, they are also treating themselves to an extra special holiday season this year with 76% of agents reporting that travelers are booking more luxury vacations this season than ever before.” Nudist resorts fit this bill perfectly.

With 18% of Christmas travelers being couples, clothing optional resorts are perfectly situated to provide these new adventurous travelers with their best vacation ever. If you are looking for a new fun way to vacation and create your own romantic, fun holiday memories, give a clothing optional resort a call. You will be glad that you did!

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The Importance of Hotels and Accommodation in Promoting Tourism

In the modern times, the way people spend their vacations has undergone a great change. People like to spend good times with family and friend while at the same time exploring various tourist places across the globe. As a result the tourism industry across the globe has seen an unprecedented growth which in turn has also resulted in tremendous growth in the hotel and accommodation facilities.

Comfortable hotels and accommodation facilities play a very important role in popularizing any tourist destination. If a person, who is quite far away from home, gets to enjoy the same facilities and comforts as he enjoys at his home, then he is bound to become attached to the place. On the other hand if the tourist ends up at a place where the hotels and accommodation facilities are not satisfactory, it is quite likely that he might never return to that place.

Perhaps that is why, hotels and accommodation facilities being made available at different tourists spots, have shifted focus on providing maximum comfort to tourists at reasonable rates. It is also vital to provide comfortable accommodation to people from diverse economical backgrounds. While five star hotels can cater to the needs of affluent visitors, small and medium range hotels and lodging houses are available for use by a middle class traveler.

Blog reviews are also vital that information about all the hotels and accommodation facilities available in a particular tourism spot is available to people quite easily. For this there can be no better option than internet, as most tourist gain information about the hotels and accommodation facilities through this medium only. The other ways are by making booklets containing information about the hotels and accommodation facilities available at train and bus stations.

The information provided to the tourists should be detailed and correct. It should contain the information related to room rentals, types of rooms, catering services, check out times, pick and drop facilities etc. Additional information about the significant tourist spots in the area can also be provided both on the net as well as the booklets, to promote not only the hotel but the tourist spot as well.

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The Pros and Cons of Discount Travel Clubs

If you love to travel, but can’t seam to do it as often as you would like, you should consider looking into a good travel club.

My wife LOVES to travel the world as I am sure many of you do, but it was always so expensive. I am here to tell you, it does not have to be.

This is how travel clubs work.

When you think about it owning a resort property is just like any other business. They need a steady flow of customers to be profitable. Their unique challenge is, they also need a consistent flow of customers preferably evenly spaced throughout the entire year otherwise many issues start to become problems for them. To many customers all at once is lost business, probably to your competition. Not enough customers means empty rooms and lost business and revenue, which makes staffing as well as many other things VERY difficult.

The challenge is to keep a steady flow of customers, preferably evenly spaced all year long. But how do they do that?

One way resort owners have discovered to help with this is by affiliating with travel clubs to offer club members unreserved rooms at deep discounts. This helps keep a steady flow of customers all year long, and helps the owner keep a properly staffed business running.

Think about it from their perspective, would you rather have an empty room and NO income, and have a staff to pay with no customers to serve or income being produced? Or, to keep a good quality staff busy, have customers that may only be paying enough to cover your expenses with little or no profit?

It does not take long as a business owner to figure out that “when possible” you sell at full price, when necessary you take a discount and less profit, and when push comes to shove at least cover expenses to avoid taking a loss.

Even taking some loss is acceptable if it helps with staffing issues, inventory, food shelf life, advertising, budgeting, exposure and many other business issues. As long as it is not the norm, obviously.

Now, keep in mind, all travel clubs are NOT created equal.

The owner of the travel club is also doing business. He wants to provide his members with an attractive offer to build membership, but also wants to make money in HIS business, which IS the travel club. If the owner is more concerned about profit, than they are about giving value to their members, that club has a limited future.

The saying that just popped into my head was “It is better to have a little bit of something, than a whole lot of nothing.”

The resort owners are constantly negotiating deals (level of discount) with hundreds of travel club owners.

The owner of a particular travel club may have negotiated with the resort owners the best prices for his club, but if he is trying to make to much profit with his travel club, his members would NOT be getting the best deals!

It is very hard to negotiate however, without something the other party wants. Therefore, the more members you have in your club the easier it is to negotiate great deals. But getting lots of members is no easy task in itself.

The most successful travel club owner has figured out how to build a large following (with minimal cost) so they have the leverage to negotiate great deals other clubs can’t, but because of their low overhead they can pass most of the savings along to their members.

We all know that the BEST form of advertising is, word of mouth. As luck would have it, it is also the least expensive. (free) So, if you (as a club owner) were to pay your current members (for new memberships) to advertise by word of mouth or however they choose, and generate members for you just by telling potential members about your club and the huge savings they had received, you would have a growing membership with minimal expenses, therefore, you could pass dramatic savings on to your members which in turn would help generate more members more easily and get better discounts.

As I stated earlier, not all travel clubs are created equal, just as with any other business. You must do your research to find a club that offers a large inventory of locations, at deep discounts to its members, without charging too much for their membership. That travel club will continue to grow in size and value, and provide you with a lifetime of deeply discounted travel for minimal cost so you can travel the world and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Travel clubs can be a great opportunity to save your hard earned money. Just make sure you do your research and find the right one, otherwise you are not going to get the most value possible for your money.

Good luck, and I’ll see you on the beaches of the world.

Source by Timothy L Phillips


The Museums of Dubai

The Dubai Museum

Located in the most ancient building of the city, the Al Fahidy Fortress, established in 1787, the Dubai Museum is perhaps one of the most notable in the city. The fortress served as the residence of the governor of the city as well during many periods of history. Today, the museum takes visitors coming from various places around the world to spend their holidays in Dubai to a journey to watch the history of Islamic schools and a live demonstration of the traditional crafts of the country.

The museum opens from 8:30 in the morning until 8:30 in the evening (Saturday to Thursday)

Friday from 2 at noon until 8:30 in the evening.

The Camels’ House

This museum is dedicated to the significant role camels played in the lives of Arabs throughout history. The Camel’s House consists mainly of a wide-open courtyard that was used as a stable for camels. The museum now has many sections illustrating this strong relation between humans and camels especially in the Arabian Peninsula. A large number of tourists who travel to Dubai love to explore such museums.

The Museum opens from 8 in the morning until 2 at noon from Sunday to Thursday.

The Coffee Museum

This museum is dedicated to coffee lovers coming from all over the globe to enjoy a vacation in Dubai. It illustrates the history of coffee and the different approaches of its production. The Coffee Museum shows the specific and dissimilar tools used to produce coffee. Off course, after their tour of the museum, guests can enjoy the best coffee in the world in the cafe of the museum.

The museum opens from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon (Saturday to Thursday)

The Heritage Village

This marvelous museum hosts several traditional Arabian craftsmen including weavers, potters, and tent makers. The Heritage Village focuses on the people who used to live in Dubai and work in or around the sea. This includes sailors who used to search for fish and pearls as the museums interestingly shows diagraphs that demonstrates the production of pearls in the country. There is also the Tents’ Village that tells the whole story of the Bedouin life in the region. The Heritage Museum is quite popular among tourists who spend their holidays in Dubai.

The Museum opens from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening every day except Friday.

The Museum of Traditional Architecture

One of the most interesting museums that welcome many tourists who travel to Dubai is the Museum of Traditional Architecture. Located in the former residence of El Sheikh Gomaa Ibn El Maktoom, the museum illustrates the history of the architecture in Dubai, the means of construction, and the tools used in the building of traditional houses in Dubai. The museum as well hosts a section dedicated to the history and the people of Dubai.

The museum opens from 8 in the morning until 2 at noon from Sunday until Thursday.

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American Legion Baseball Versus Travel Baseball

Sixteen and seventeen year old high school baseball players who want to play summer baseball have to make a choice between American Legion baseball versus travel baseball. And quite often there is some heavy recruiting from the American Legion coaches. Over the past few years legion coaches have seen a drop in the number of players wanting to play American Legion baseball. They now have to actively pursue players. Let’s take a look at why American Legion baseball numbers are dwindling.

Little League Baseball Explodes

The little league baseball scene exploded about fifteen years ago for ten through fourteen year olds. World Series tournaments went from just a few organizations with eight or ten teams to many organizations with tournaments of one hundred or more teams. And over the last six years this expansion of teams and tournaments has carried over to the fifteen through eighteen year old age groups.

Travel Baseball

Previously the baseball choices for these high school age players were limited to a few AAU teams and American Legion teams. Now there many teams called travel baseball teams. These teams do just what their name implies; they travel around the country playing in tournaments or showcases. Some sporting goods manufacturers help sponsor many of these traveling teams.

With this expansion of travel teams, college baseball coaches have figured out a new way to scout and recruit high school players. Rather than travel all over the country and chase summer teams, they now have these traveling teams come play at their stadium. Many college coaches will organize a couple of tournaments each summer. They make a little money on the tournament and get to see lots of players without having to travel.

For the players the exposure to college coaches is invaluable. And they get to play on college baseball fields and see college campuses.

Other Sports Demand Summer Time

Another reason for the drop in players wanting to play legion baseball is other sports. It seems like every high school sport has a summer long training program or other activity forcing kids to play only one sport. High school football and basketball players do not want to go lift weights and workout every morning, and then go play a baseball doubleheader that doesn’t end until eleven pm. It is sad but true that many high school players are forced to choose one sport.

Legion Age Limit Raised

A few years back American Legion raised the age limit of legion players from eighteen to nineteen. This increase has helped teams keep their numbers up. Many freshmen in college like coming home and playing another year of baseball. And recently American Legion has started promoting their Jr. Legion baseball program. They feel that the sooner they get players into the legion program the better. It is too early to know if this feeder program will be successful or not.

What to Do?

So what should a high school baseball player do? Should he play American Legion baseball with his high school buddies, or find a travel team to showcase his skills to many college coaches?

I can speak on this subject from both sides of the fence. I have a son who played four years of legion baseball and another one who is playing travel baseball. American Legion baseball is an old and proud program. Players on the team all come from the same town or city. You wear an American Legion patch on your shoulder. Typically legion coaches stay with the program for many years. You play lots and lots of games, and your home games are played close by. And usually the cost is reasonable. But from my experience not many college coaches or recruiters come to legion games.

Travel teams are usually made up of players from many different high schools. They will practice a lot and it may be far away. Quite often travel teams have hired coaches. They may travel three out of every four weekends. Many tournaments start on Wednesday or Thursday during the day. Lots of car pooling becomes necessary. There can be many college coaches and professional scouts at their games. The cost of travel teams can be very high.

I believe both types of teams are needed and will survive. Travel baseball is not for everyone, nor can everyone afford the cost. However, if you or your son is good enough, there can usually be something worked out. Travel team coaches want to win, so they will find a way for good players to be on the team. If you are a good player it is worth your effort to find a travel team. The college and professional baseball exposure is substantially better with travel teams.

But the American Legion program will continue to be a great choice for many high school players. Many professional and division one players have come out of the legion program. There are just a little fewer coming from legion baseball now.

Source by Vic Read


Hotel Bookings – Better Online Or by Telephone?

If you need to reserve a hotel room in advance of your arrival, there are more than a few options simply because on line shopping involves other options. Like which on line site to use? Use an ‘auction’ site? A corporate or franchise site? A Third Party “discount” site? The other option is to call directly to the hotel.

Call directly: The advantages are plentiful. You can easily get directions for driving or for shuttles, immediate confirmation numbers, ability to ask the front desk agent or reservation taker some details about the property, etc. Different rates can be discussed. When times are competitive (summer, seasonal, sold out conditions in the area) there are less options on rates. Which is why it is good to TALK to somebody – you might find a week later the rate is 1/3rd versus your desired date. Always ask to get the lowest best available rate; be it Internet rate, on line rate, triple A, etc. One disadvantage is the cost of the phone call – unless the hotel has an 800 number. My travel advice is this is the best option, especially if you have questions about the hotel or area.

Book on line: Advantages: Generally the rate will be the lowest (at least as far as corporate and franchise direct sites go) than you will find anywhere. Most reservations are completely secure and credit card info protected. No need to wait on the phone for a human. Disadvantages: Usually more expensive than just showing up at the hotel or motel. May have to pre-pay for advance dates (doesn’t make long term financial sense) AND reservation may be non cancelable, even if months away. No communication with the hotel whatsoever so you can’t ask where the nearest 24 coffee shop is. Can’t even find hotel’s phone number on Third Party sites. Confirmation number given by Third Party sites is NOT the same number the hotels use, so checking on a reservation can be more difficult. Special Requests” are not always passed along.

There are valid reasons for using ALL of these strategies. The one that fits a majority of your needs (be it time, money or both) is the one to use even if it takes more of one than the other.

Source by David C. Reynolds


Some Facts About Allahabad

Allahabad is a city in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. This city has many important government offices and hence it holds an important position in administration of India. A very popular event of India, Kumbh Mela is held here in every 4 years. This place is believed to be blessed with ‘Brahma’-The Creator according to Hindu Mythology. The rivers Ganga and Yamuna flows through this city and they are considered as sacred by millions of Hindus worldwide. These all facts make Allahabad a very popular city of India.

Allahabad is associated with a number of famous personalities of India like Amitabh Bachchan (famous bollywood actor), Jawahar Lal Nehru (First Prime Minister of India), Rajiv Gandhi (famous politician and former prime minister of India) and many more. This city has been selected by Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) to improve the infrastructure and governance of the city. This city has high crime rate in last some years but from last 4-5 years situation is under control.

Major Tourist Sites in Allahabad:


It is place where the Kumbh Mela is held in every 4 years. The place is the meeting place of three rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati and hence holds a very pious place in Hindu mythology.

All Saints Cathedral:

This cathedral was built in the 13th century style. It is known for its beautiful architecture and historical importance. Lots of visitors come here to see the beauty of this church and to attend daily prayers here.

Allahabad University:

Allahabad University is India’s fourth oldest university after Mumbai, Calcutta and Madras. It was started in 1887. Many courses are available here like Arts, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science, Engineering, Medicine, Languages and many more.

Transport Facilities:


Allahabad Airport serves both Indian Air Force (IAF) and the public passengers. This airport is linked to few cities of North like Delhi, Lucknow etc. Very few flights are operated from here due to its major use by Air Force.

Road Transport:

National Highway 2 passes through the city and it is proposed to be a part of the prestigious Golden Quadrilateral’s Delhi-Kolkata section. Local Transport is provided by Buses, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. Cycle rickshaws are considered as the cheapest and most efficient means of transport. Buses are operated by UP roadways authority of India.

Rail Links:

Allahabad serves as the headquarters of the North Central Railway Zone and is well connected to all major cities via Railways.

In an all Allahabad is an important place in India. It is the center of politics not only for UP but for all India.

Source by Yatin Kukreja


Travel Expert Reviews Resorts 360 Vacation Club Scam Complaints

Another multi-level marketing (MLM) program has launched. It’s called the Resorts 360 Vacation club and bloggers were quick to label it a possible scam. Resorts 360 launches on the heals of major troubles at another travel MLM called YTB Travel, when California Attorney General Edmund Brown sued them for “operating a giant pyramid scheme”.

Travel and tourism generates over $7 trillion a year. It’s not surprising that entrepreneurs working from home want to tap into those profits. Some of the programs have been all-out scams. They’ve charged people thousands of dollars and delivered little or nothing when the actual value of the so-called products was analyzed. Not all home based travel business opportunities are scams, some actually offer retail products with real value in the travel marketplace.

Now that Resorts 360 has launched, many are asking if the program is another MLM scam or a real business. That’s a fair question.

Without a doubt, there are some problems with the Resorts 360 Vacation club, but is it a scam? While the MLM company does deliver an actual product, the Vacation Club membership they sell falls short when compared to the memberships provided by competitors in the home based business arena. The Resorts 360 program offers access to fewer resorts and members pay more money for week-long condo vacations than with their competitors. It doesn’t make it a scam, but it does put those hoping to make money marketing Resorts 360 at a disadvantage.

Resorts 360 members get access to about 4000 resorts while one competitor says they have over 5000 and another advertises well over 5400 resorts. Members of the Resorts 360 Vacation Club are offered condo vacation weeks starting at $399. That’s about $100 more than one competitor and $250 more than another. A member taking just two vacation weeks per year can spend an additional $500 a year with the new MLM vacation club. Over a ten year period, that’s $5000 more.

With fewer choices and more expensive vacation weeks, you might think Resorts 360 could, at least, claim a price advantage in the marketplace, but that’s not the case. While their competitors sell memberships with lifetime benefits (100 years}, the longest membership available through Resorts 360 is just one year.

Over a ten year period, vacation club benefits with Resorts 360 would cost $2639 if they are renewed each year at the current price and a whopping $5616 if paid at the current monthly rate. Lifetime memberships with their competition cost $2995 and $1998. That means that for $641 less, consumers can have access to over 1400 more resorts, save $250 each on their lower condo vacation prices, and still have another 90 years of membership benefits to enjoy or sell and transfer to someone else.

Providing an inferior product and charging higher prices does not make the Resorts 360 Vacation Club a scam. Just like with any other purchase, the buyer must beware and compare their options.

While product is product, many people simply buy whatever the product is to get started with a home based travel business and hope to start making money from home. The question is, can those hopeful internet millionaires actually make money with Resorts 360?

Those looking to make money from home should not pay much attention to Resorts 360. Marketing experts say the disadvantages they face with their product will all but eliminate attracting their target retail market of travelers. Their higher prices will definitely not win over those who take the time to shop around. Maximum commissions earned are just $200 compared with both competitors who pay $1000.

Resorts 360 promises residual income as memberships are renewed and payments come in for the monthly programs. That seems very unlikely, however. With other MLM programs that require people to renew, over 95% of the members drop out and don’t renew. That’s because those people joined only to make money and when they don’t see profits, they move on.

As you can imagine, it could be very difficult to actually turn a profit with Resorts 360. It costs about the same marketing money to earn $200 profits as it does to get the $1000 profits. Some sales will be made, but how many marketing dollars will be spent to earn the low commissions? If it costs a member more than $40 to get someone to buy, that could put that member in the red and they can’t plan on making that up on renewals or MLM passive commissions either. A new member will probably have to sign up over 100 people, just to get about five who actively work the business and make some profit.

While Resorts 360 is not an all-out scam, it is obvious that they have painted a much rosier picture than MLM history would suggest. Those looking for a quality vacation club membership will find more benefits and more robust memberships else ware. Those looking for a home based business will also find better options with better vacation clubs and larger commissions. One competitor accepts credit cards for their lifetime membership and even offers payment plans with just $198 to start.

Source by Dean Marino


Ten Tips On Becoming a Tax Preparer and Earning Big While Working P/T

1. Gain new professional and marketable skills while working at your own pace. – Every year there is a noticeable shortage of qualified Tax professionals. All 4 of the major Tax service Franchises (H & R Block, Jackson Hewlett, Liberty Tax, and Instant Tax) set up tax classes to increase the possibility of having enough tax professionals to work in their Franchises. Unfortunately, having taught these basic tax classes, the student drop out rate is high. It is serious pressure to work a full time job, learn tax law/codes, go to school two nights a week, do your homework, and prepare for Thanksgiving in the middle of the Tax Class Schedule. Online Tax School could be a life saver, especially if you have children.

Learning in a Franchise Store’s tax classes will help you to pass the RTRP Exam. All tax preparers who are paid, must pass this Exam by December 31, 2013 in order to do taxes for a fee. This does NOT apply if you are working under a supervisor, manager or professional who take responsibility for all tax returns prepared by you. See the site for details on these latest rules and regulations.

2. You can train for basic tax classes using one of the major Franchise Stores who do millions of tax returns for taxpayers. These classes usually start in the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year.

3. Or, you can use an Online or home study course provided to the State of California tax professionals to help you prepare for the RTRP Exam. Once you pass the Exam you will be qualified to work for one of the major Temporary Accounting Agencies, such as AccountTemp or Accountants, Inc or Robert Half, International or a CPA or a Major Bookkeeping Company or, yourself. Being able to take your time and learn at your own pace is extremely important when it can mean the difference of $10 per hour and $28 to $35.00 per hour

4. When you enroll in an Online Tax class, you don’t have to deal with class room dynamics, you just do your course work, take your test on line, email your teacher if you have a question and receive your certificate and follow through with your State’s requirements for Tax Professionals and of course register with IRS. No Problem, No fuss. All the information is provided in the class.

5. Find the right learning program for you. Determine if you learn from the right side or the left side of your brain, and enroll into training based on how you learn. Of course the Franchist Tax Store training is usually available once a year, and you only have to pay for your books.

6. Completion of the IRS’s new requirements, will enable you to start your own tax business. You can earn up to $50 per hour and in most cases much more when you go on to become an Enrolled Agent.

7. Online Tax Schools can be found by using keywords in the Search Engines. The same goes for finding good training courses to help you prepare for the RTRP Exam.

8. Tax School won’t make you rich, but it will give you options, a foundation for a new career and around $8,500 to $17,500 more income per year working part-time. The Big Boys, as I call them often pay their employees Bonus based upon the revenue after the Tax Season ends, plus they get a base hourly wage.

9. Enrolling and completing tax school will put you in the line up for what I call the “Half-Year Tax Professionals” They do taxes 5 or 6 months out of the year and spend the other half of the year traveling. How do I know? I meet them at the IRS Tax Professional Forum which is usually held in large cities such as Las Vegas! They adjust their travel schedules to accommodate and attend the IRS conventions; after all, you have to act like you work all year! This select group of people is the envy of all of the new tax professionals. However, you should know these Tax Professionals work hard and smart. They rarely loose a client, they send birthday cards to clients and gift certificates for special occasions and quarterly tax newsletters. They spend years building their client base while charging $150 to $200 (sometimes more) per tax return. They tend to stay out of their client’s personal lives and they live modestly while traveling to different parts of the world each year.

10. Once you learn the basic tax codes and how to prepare a tax return, then you will be ready to take the IRS’s RTRP Exam. This exam will increase your hourly earning ability and also enable you to work for yourself. It is a good idea to work for another Tax Service before starting out on your own, this will give you a solid foundation and will increase your confidence level.

Source by Cassandra A. Ingraham


Taking Trade Show Displays On A Plane: Air Cargo Packing Basics For Every Type Of Trade Show Booth

Airline travel is the most common form of conveyance to distant conventions and expos, and with good reason: it’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s one of the safest methods of transit available. For humans, staying safe on a plane is a simple task. You simply sit back in your seat and enjoy a flight, complete with refreshments and staff to help you enjoy your trip. For your trade show booth, it takes a bit more to have an enjoyable journey. Many companies choose to bring their trade show displays along on the plane, and are able to enjoy a much higher degree of certainty about their stand’s arrival time at a lower cost. At the same time, many are unaware that trade show exhibits that travel on a plane must be carefully packed and protected. If properly wrapped for travel, an airline flight can be a great way to move your unit cross country – but the wrapping stage is absolutely critical.

Two Different Ways To Send Your Trade Show Booth On A Plane

If you’ve ever flown on a plane before, you know that there are two main types of cargo: carryon bags and checked luggage. Carryons are limited in size and number, but they’re brought onto the plane with you and can stay with you (and potentially in your site, if you like) throughout the flight. In contrast, checked luggage has much less restrictive limitations on its size, and much more liberal restrictions on how much can be checked per passenger. You may end up paying a nominal fee ($50 or so) for additional checked luggage, but it’s usually cheaper than shipping your unit.

Carryon luggage is typically as safe as if you packed your trade show displays in a car. It’s very hard for them to suffer damage, even if they’re packed in just a light carrying case. Checked luggage is more difficult to protect because airline baggage handlers are notoriously harsh with such bags. While your suitcase might have limited options for protection, your exhibits can be much better suited for these harsh conditions. You simply need to be willing to invest in the necessary gear.

Custom Carrying Cases For Trade Show Displays

The best option for protection is a hard-sided custom fit carrying case. This case will be crush resistant, giving your trade show exhibits the ultimate degree of protection against damage from other luggage and from any accidents during handling. Inside, the case should securely protect the elements of your booth from hitting each other, preferably with the use of foam or some other impact-resistant agent. These cases are not cheap, but they’ll serve you well for future flights and for any future shipping, if needed.

Inexpensive Airline Travel For Trade Show Exhibits

Even though you have to purchase a case for your unit, you are still likely to find that sending it via plane is less expensive than sending it via a traditional shipping option. Simply ensure that your case has the proper dimensions to fit either as a carryon or as a piece of checked baggage. Typically, banner stands are the only units small enough to fit as carryons, but the exact dimensions should always be confirmed before you fly. With a strong case and a good plan, you’ll be able to enjoy the friendly skies with your unit safely in tow.

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Fun Facts About Emirates Airlines

Many of us have had the pleasure of traveling in an Emirates flight at some point of our lives. And all of us know that Emirates has earned a name for itself amongst the best airlines of the whole world. Well we are here to enlighten you about the going ones of this airline and the vast empire behind it. We have collected some fun facts that are bound to astonish and surprise you at the same time. So gain some knowledge and broaden your horizons by reading these fun facts about Emirates Airlines. And if you haven’t done it already then start booking your airline tickets for your summer vacations starting today.

1. The center for all activity for Emirates is in Dubai. Seeing as this is an Arab owned company this should not come as a shock that the headquarters would be located in the gulf too. So if you want to find out where everything is happening, just venture to Dubai and see with your own eyes.

2. The entire airline fleet consists of large body vessels which allow all the users to have sufficient personal space while flying out to their destinations. This also gives you a more luxurious and comfortable ride which is the trademark of Emirates Airlines.

3. Emirates are also the provider of the many of the world’s longest nonstop commercial flights. In duration these flights range from a minimum of 12 hours to a maximum of 16 hours without stop. These flights are from Dubai to Los Angeles, Houston, and San Francisco. So if you plan to go that far, isn’t it better that you travel in luxury?

4. According to recent reports, Emirates is also a company that cares about the environment. Seldom do we hear major business tycoons caring about the impact that they have on the environment. Yet here we have Emirates who not only care about it but have also gone to long measures to help reduce the impact of their services on the environment and to improve the condition generally. They have also worked over the past years to help come up with and implement some amazing policies that allow them to conserve up to 50% of the energy that they initially used. How cool is that! The engines used in their fleet save fuel that is worth more than millions of dollars. So they save the environment and in the end make savings for themselves too.

5. The first class services offered by emirates are completely unbeatable. If you have a first class ticket then get ready to be pampered until you feel like you’re a queen or a king. Because that is exactly what emirates will do for you.

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Advantages of a Caravan Holiday

When thinking of where to go and what to do for your holidays, a caravan holiday may not be the first thing that springs to mind and other options may initially seem more appealing. However, there are many advantages to a caravan holiday that make it an excellent choice regardless of your age, personal tastes and whether you are travelling alone or with your family.

One of the main benefits of a holiday in a caravan is the flexibility and freedom that it provides. You can come and go as you please, eat when you want, not worry about disturbing people in the next room and you can choose whether to stay in or to go out and explore the surrounding area. If you own your own touring caravan, you also have the freedom to visit wherever you like, whenever you like and at just a moment’s notice. In contrast, when staying in a hotel, it is often the case that you will be limited to eating at certain times and you may need to have arrived back at the hotel each evening by a certain time.

Often, caravan sites have excellent amenities. This is another advantage that entices people to choose a caravan holiday. Caravan parks often have a choice of leisure activities, shops and restaurants meaning that all your needs are catered for and you do not need to leave the caravan site. The ease of this holds great appeal to holidaymakers as it means that they do not need to make lots of arrangements for entertainment and activities during their holiday.

Another benefit is the price. Caravan hire is often much cheaper than renting a holiday home or staying in a hotel. It is not just the cost of hiring the caravan that is cheaper, it is the overall expense of the holiday. Travel costs are usually much less and passes are often included in the package which allows you to use all the amenities and enjoy the entertainment provided. With many other types of holiday, amenities, leisure activities and entertainment are an additional cost that needs budgeting for.

Finally, many people choose caravan hire over a hotel because although they are away from home, they still feel at home. A caravan offers the comforts that you have in your own home, unlike a hotel room which can feel impersonal and is just a place to sleep for the night. Many modern caravans offer living space as well as sleeping accommodation and this allows holiday makers to relax as they would in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Overall, a caravan holiday can be a wonderful experience that has a lot of benefits in comparison to other types of holiday. Not only will you save money, you will experience being away from home while still enjoying the comforts of home with the additional benefits of onsite amenities, leisure activities and entertainment. It is a holiday well worth considering the next time you are thinking of going away.

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Advantages of Matrimonial Sites

Gone are the days when parents would ask the priest, close family and friends, leaders of the community or the elderly people to suggest a suitor for their son or daughter. Going to a marriage broker who demands his commission first is also passé. With the advent of technology, Matrimonial sites have come into play which has made the ‘cupid’ a thing of the past. They offer free matchmaking and dating services. The age-old Indian tradition of arranged marriage where the parents would choose the partner first and the children will have to agree has also come a long way, due to the matrimonial sites that provide online matchmaking.

Although different people have different opinions about online dating and matrimonial sites, there are some distinct advantages this type of match-making offers:

Economic – Save Time and Money

The parents don’t have to travel and cover long distances to see the suitor or initiate marriage because they can easily find a handful of individual profiles that fit their requirements. The sending and receiving of photos and bio-data has been replaced with emailing. Thus, matrimonial sites are economical in terms of time, money and efforts.

Myriad Options

The matrimonial sites have large databases of suitors. You don’t have limited options based on the personal networks of friends and family, and you can find suitors from all walks of life. There are plenty profiles available with similar interests and goals as yours, this will give you plenty of choices to help you make the right decision.

Easily Accessible

They are easy to access from any internet connection and have a user-friendly interface. Today, young people are technology savvy and don’t have time to waste in meetings with marriage brokers. They can use the matrimonial sites or the mobile applications where finding profiles is made easy and convenient.


Most of the matrimonial sites have blogs that answer your questions, provide counseling and give an insight on every nitty-gritty detail involved in finding a partner and planning a wedding. From pre-wedding jitters to the reception and after party, everything is explained. Some sites even offer live counseling for new couples.


If you’re afraid that the whole world will know that you’re in search of a match then, forget all your worries as these matrimonial sites offer secrecy and anonymity. Some sites allow you to keep a private profile, which is viewable only to your matches and not to the public.


All the profiles on these sites are safe and secure. They’re also verified by the site. The chances are very low that you’ll come across a fake profile. One obtains a profile only after applying for membership, which is a scrutinizing process.

Filtered Results

If you’re looking for a certain background and certain quality in your match, all you have to do is provide your specifications and you’ll get filtered results. Example: If you belong to the Sikh community and you’re looking for a Jatt Sikh who is a banker around Delhi, you can tell the site these requirements, and it will show you all the matches.

Easy to Communicate

Fortunately, you don’t have to send letters through traditional mail like the olden days. Now, you can just sit in front of your computer and have a live chat with your suitor. If someone you find on the site strikes your interest, you can have a live text or video chat with them.


You get detailed information about the person, even if it’s their second marriage, whether they’re a Non-Resident Indian, etc. The profiles are informative and provide you every tiny little piece of information, and all the information provided is honest and accurate. This way, you’ll be able to search through different profiles and decide who you want to spend your time getting to know before you decide who to marry.

Matrimonial sites have made the long search of finding a perfect match much easier. If you or someone you know is considering a marriage soon, have them click around different websites to figure out which ones best suit their needs in finding a partner.

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The Ideal Candidate For A Threesome…

If I will ask you:

Who would you think will be the most open candidate to share the bed with you and your girlfriend or wife…

What would be your answer?

A Divorced Woman

A Teen Age Beauty Queen

A Married Woman

A Single Woman I just Met

A Single Mom


In our eyes the best candidate to enjoy threesome sex not once but many times will be a single mom!

Read this article in full and you will discover why you boost your chances of having a threesome by 300% by simply following this recommendation!

At this moment in life my husband and I have no children. We’ve simply made that choice. I am not sure if we will ever have children. I guess only time will tell. However most of our friends have children and also several of our friends are single moms…

As I we are not parents yet, somehow is hard for us to understand the complexities of parenthood. However we are very familiar with the subject of dating. We know that dating is hard as it is, then adding the element of kids makes it even harder.

Some time ago while having a conversation with a friend of ours, my husband made a very interesting discovery…

Our friend has a 12 year old daughter, and she was telling us how hard it is for her to find men to go out with. I was simply being supportive and nodding, however suddenly I saw my hubby’s face illuminating and looking at me with his really naughty look. I could hardly concentrate on what my friend was saying, because I knew he was up to something.

After my friend left he told me; Suzy, do you realize than more than 70% of the women we have seduced are single mothers? I thought for a while and said, mmm, that’s interesting! After a long conversation with him, I gathered all the notes of our brainstorm session and compiled them here for you…

It’s sad but true. According to my husband, most guys realize that dating single moms has it’s complications.

Guys are aware of it , and they are overly cautious when dating single mothers…

For starters, single mothers are first and foremost dedicated to their children, (as it should be). Most guys realize that they’ll never be the “top priority” in her life. So they play their cards very carefully.

When they go out, she’s going to have to find a babysitter for the kids. She can’t do this too often, so their “outings” are going to be limited. Further, this gets very expensive, very quickly – so, instead of getting a sitter, she will begin to include them in their time together. Suddenly he’ll be paying for meals, theatre tickets, plane trips, and any other expense that come up while they are together.

In short, unless he’s just dying to have a pre-made family, he will sooner rather than later end the relationship, leaving the poor single mom broken hearted.

After the relationship ends, a new problem starts: Nobody loves a parade. Most single mom’s agree that they prefer their children NOT to see them with different guys. So they either stop dating for a while or they will ‘hide’ their dates from their kids, until the relationship has progressed enough to introduce the kids to ‘mommy’s boyfriend’ all over again.

To add insult to injury, many single moms will tend to be on their early or mid thirties. This means that they are at their sexual peak. Meaning single moms will have a tendency to go to the horny side of the scale to say the least!

O.k. Now, you see the challenges they face, right?

Now, here’s how you as a couple can help her and at the same time make your fantasy come true…

If you happen to know or meet a single mom, keep all this elements in mind. You know she has difficulties on the dating department, at the same time she is on her peak sexual years, possibly she has not had her nooky in months, or even years. So she will welcome any opportunity.

It couldn’t get better than this! You know now that she will be ready and willing. Arrange and pay for a whole night baby sitter, prepare your seduction in a way that you will make her feel like a queen. Make her feel loved, desired and cherished. Pamper her, massage her, focus 100% of your attention on her and trust me she will love you for it!

She will be eternally thankful and best of all you will not break her heart!

The most incredible thing is that by simply knowing this, you can develop many friendships with other single moms and you can enjoy threesome sex with them also.

In fact we have 3 single mom friends with whom we enjoy threesome sex once in a while. In fact with two of them I also enjoy intimate moments without my hubby being present.

In our eyes single mom’s are the best candidates to enjoy threesome sex from our entire list of possible candidates.

I’m sure that you will really enjoy this revelation!

If you would like to learn more how to seduce a single mom into joining you and your wife or girlfriend into a threesome go to: []

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Energy Auditor Training

Most people are familiar with traditional, classroom-based courses in energy audit. These types of courses are offered by a variety of schools and/or organizations. Training provided at these facilities is very structured and there is a specific assignment for each day of class. Online courses in energy audit are something that more students are turning to for various reasons. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of online education in energy audit.

  1. You set the pace. You learn at the pace that suits you; not at the pace of other (faster or slower) learners as it frequently happens in the classroom-based courses.
  2. You set the place. You choose where to study: home, office, library, coffee shop or even a park. The options are limitless.
  3. You set the time. Unlike the traditional programs, you do not have to sacrifice your work and family commitments to earn a degree.
  4. No limits. If the program is not offered in your area, with the traditional-based course, you will have to move. The advantage of online training is that your access to programs of your choosing is limitless.
  5. Perpetual enrollment: In classroom-based programs, enrollment is not available all year round. With online courses you choose when to begin (and when to end) the classes.
  6. Low-cost. Online courses are generally significantly cheaper than traditional courses. Further, you might be able to save money on travel, textbooks (with online programs learning materials are electronically downloaded), board, meals and other expected and unexpected costs that may vary widely depending on your distance from the campus.
  7. You can earn more than one degree. The flexibility of online programs opens up yet another window of opportunity – earning more than one degree at the same time. You could, for example, earn degrees in both residential and commercial audit. Further, you can get trained and certified by more than one provider. Acquiring new knowledge and skills is always beneficial, especially in the evolving field of home energy upgrade.
  8. Money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the result of your online course, you get your money back. That is not the case with traditional programs.
  9. Lack of hands on experience. The main drawback of online energy audit programs is that you do not have access to the practical training element. If your program does not have any arrangements in place, you will have to inquire how you can complete the field training at a location near you.
  10. You manage your commitments. This can be both advantage and disadvantage. If organizing and managing skills are not your strong feature, online programs might not be a good choice for you. But if your are organized and self-motivated to succeed you will benefit from taking online courses.

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Czech Gifts – Top Ten List of Czech Themed Gifts

If you’re of Czech heritage or if you know someone who would appreciate a great Czech themed gift, we’ve got a Top 10 List for you. Best of all, most of these gifts are inexpensive, with many under $20. Here are the top ten gifts for the Czech in your life…

Czech T-Shirt: There are literally dozens of great designs for t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, and more. Some of the most popular are Czech sayings, the country’s flag, and an outline of the Czech Republic.

Hockey And Soccer Jerseys: These two sports are the most popular in the country, and many great hockey and soccer players began their careers in the Republic. Specialty online retailers can personalize a jersey of the national teams. A great way to show off some nationalistic pride!

Garnet Jewelry: Many visitors to Prague seek out jewelry adorned with fiery red garnets mined in Bohemia. You can find them in pendants, rings, and necklaces.

Czech Republic Flag: What better way to honor your heritage than with a flag? Or, if a flag won’t fit your decor, get a flag design on any type of apparel.

Bohemian Crystal Glassware: Bohemia, an area of the Czech Republic, is world famous for specialty glass production. Glass making is one of the country’s most time honored traditions, and numerous intricate designs are a trademark of these craftsmen. Wine glasses and drinking glasses are the most popular.

Czech Republic Vacation Package: For a bigger splurge, there are numerous specialty vacation packages available for those wanting to explore the Czech Republic. Among the most popular are the Prague Christmas tour and a special genealogy tour of the country.

Bohemian Crystal Vase: Just as with glassware, crystal production is well known as being a Bohemian specialty. A beautiful decorative vase is the perfect housewarming or wedding gift.

Easter Eggs: Easter is an important holiday in the Czech Republic. It is much anticipated, with many special Easter traditions being carried out for generations. One such tradition is hand painted Easter eggs made out of wood, porcelain, or other suitable material.

Puppets And Marionettes: The art of puppetry is a wonderful tradition, and nowhere is it more revered than in the Czech Republic. A puppet or marionette is a perfect gift for a youngster, as it will spark their creativity and artistic talents.

Fire Polished Beads: A perfect idea for the arts and crafts lover in your life. Fire polished beads can be used to adorn artwork, jewelry, and ladies garments. Beading is one of the most popular crafting hobbies in the world, and these beads are known as the very best.

So there you go, the top ten Czech gift list. Enjoy!

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